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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Needajob, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. Needajob


    I know from looking through a couple of posts here there are some very knowledgable people here who have experience in banks, prop shops, trading from home etc.

    I would like to get a job in London and have tried applying to hr etc they don't give me a look in, I have heard of people actually going up to he city and either hand delivering resumes to hr or ringing up say a head trader they have sent a resume and covering letter to couple of days before and asking for a meeting about vacancies etc, this is my last resort so I don't want to mess up does anyone here have any advice about trying to get a job this way?

  2. christ, use periods. i've rarely been able to get through one of your posts. you don't need a job, you need a 2nd grade grammar class. go to college before you get a job.
  3. Aren't you being a little harsh? Also, it appears this was his FIRST post.
  4. Should we lynch him?
  5. Well, this is my first post, and yet I think I can punctuate and capitalize and construct a sentence.

    But of course, it is expected of me. Even though people watch and wait for me to make errors!

    And as for the young man who is looking for a job; my suggestion is to do what I did. Get your father involved!

    Your President,
    G.W. Bush
  6. LOL....ok, perhaps i was a bit harsh. i apologize. but, this IS NOT his first post. the brit has been here under several different names, and probably has over a 100 posts under his belt. how do i know it is him? because he can not construct a sentence!

    there is some underlying advice in my response. my girlfriend works at goldman in FIC and i WOULD NOT recommend somebody who can not construct a sentence. would you? i'd recommend getting a basic education. trading is not life after all. it's important to be a well rounded person.
  7. axehawk


    Nicholassegrue, London20002, and Needajob are all some of this chap's aliases. I also believe he is USA2001 on

    Go to school Nick.
  8. Needajob


    Sorry if my punctuation is not to your liking but I can't go through taking time to correct SPG.

    I was searching for posts on employment here and came across the postings of a certain NicholasSegrue. Just to reassure you I am not him I would presume as he posted quite a while ago he is working by now, I have tried pming him for some advice, anyone else here have advice?
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    In Europe, the comma is a period and I think that is where he is from.

    Just clarifyin'.

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    When we won the war we should have beat that comma vs period shit out of them.

    nitro :mad:
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