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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by nattayb, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. nattayb


    Hi I'm a 19 year old college student and have traded in the markets for several years. I have been using Scottrade and recently transferred my account over to IB I am relatively experienced in Java as I'm a computer engineering major. My goal is to do the following...(the RSI is just an example)

    -While I am at school have a program I turn on in the morning and scans through a predetermined watch list of solid stocks between lets say 10 and 40 dollars and to buy a certain amount of that stock when the daily rsi(5) reaches below 3 and sell when it crosses above 50 this could be a 2-5 day time period usually. When the buy signal is flagged it sends the order through IB tws and the same for a sell signal.

    I do not want to day trade as i don't have 25k, but use lets say 4000 dollars (usd) to trade every few days, this strategy wont make me a fortune but over time i hope to build up to 25k and then get into automated day trading.

    Are there any programs like this out there?
    thank you all
  2. rosy2


    IB offers an API so you can do it. i think tradestation can do it. just about every system can do this. whats the problem here?
  3. lblinc


    Not sure what you're looking for. Any broker API software (i.e.. IBs API) can request the mkt data that you will need to calc the RSI, or any other indicator, then send/receive orders/messages.

    How are you running your current system?