Please help the idiot that is ME

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sdtrader, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. OK, So been trading successfully for 6 years. Had to change or tweak strategies many times to adjust to the market.

    But having a very hard time adjusting to hybrid. Seems like my main strategy/edge in tape reading is gonzo, and thats fine. Will find another way.

    But this is my question and please if you have a reply keep it in layman's terms. I am a self admitted dumb ass thats just had success banging away on the hot keys.

    The T&S I have attached for MO this morning. Stock prints size at

    7:13:21 at 88.00 for 11300 shares. Book is loaded with offers crossing the fig and he has size up to 88.20. Somehow his next print two seconds later is at 88.33.

    With this hybrid, how does he have prints 33 cents wide in a span of two seconds with offers well below the 88.33?

    Already understand I need to delete the market hot key from my set up. But can someone please explain why I have to do this? How is it this choppy?