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  1. smile


    Hi Quotetracker lovers,

    It occurs to me if many of us make it known to TDameritrade how much we love and value QT, we may be able to save its demise.

    Specifically, lets each contact TDameritrade and tell them it is important to their business to keep QT and that we will leave if they don't... if that's true. Let them know that QT is still one of the best charting programs available and that we care deeply about it continuing.

    Also, if they decide they no longer want to deal with QT, let's strongly tell them to let it revert back to Jerry or someone that is willing to support it. Let them know that keeping QT up and running is critically important to many of us.

    Let's not let this go without a good fight.

    Here is the TDAmeritrade contact info:

    Call, email, fax, visit a local branch, or send feedback to them about this.

    Here is the Yahoo profile page with key execs...
    Ask to speak with Mr. Fredric J. Tomczyk CEO about this.

    Let's compare notes here about what info we receive from TDAmeritrade about QT.

    Many thanks for any other suggestions or ideas.:)
  2. bxb


    First of all - QT *might* continue working with TDA just fine in years to come. They pulled it from the listing of "supported third party" applications on their website, but that doesn't neccessarily means, that QT won't work with their datafeeds, authentication servers just fine for a long time. It's just that it's been said by some (on this forum) that *official* support ends, as far as I know.

    I'm not aware of any other method of aiding the case, than just simply calling TDA as often as possible (let's make an effort! let them know we take this seriously), writing support tickets, requesting TDA to keep allowing QT connections to their servers, datafeeds and trading, and to have this continued in future. They will/might persuade to use their "better, faster, with more features" platform (such as Thinkorswim) instead. However, if someone prefers "outdated" QT as their platform of choice, they should accept that, and be thankful we keep using their business. After all, in trading, nobody should tell you what tools you should use, it SHOULD be your choice.

    QT integration with TDA service was the only reason I chose TDA in the first place, and if QT stops working with their feeds/trading, I might go find some other provider that does.

    They make money on our trading after all, and should listen to the customer's requests. If they hesitate, TDA has to be aware that they might loose the customer because of simple thing like that.

    Also, it'd be great if someone with enough knowledge on the subject (Jerry Medved?) would help the community by posting information on how to update QT modules to keep up with any protocol changes for TDA and other providers.
  3. rm3


    Many thanks for any other suggestions or ideas.:) [/B][/QUOTE]

    Someone in the other forum suggested a petition with as many
    names on it as we could get might catch the eye of someone
    concerned with customers leaving.

    I think Mr. John B. Bunch would be the person to send it to.
    (he's paid enough to worry about customers).

    Anyone know his e-mail address?
  4. Would I still be able to use QT with IB data?
  5. high99


    As long as IB does not do something to change communicating with QT, it would work forever. QT simply takes IB's data feed and uses it to make charts. Since essentially nobody is updating QT any longer, if the data source, in this case IB, changes something on their end, the communication link is broken. Per a recent post, IQ Feed has worked on their end to make their latest feed work with QT. These updates used to be done by Medved, but now nobody seems willing to do this.
    I suppose if IQ can do it, anybody could do it with software knowledge. If you have QT downloaded on your computer, you basically now own it. You can do anything you want to make it work anyway you want. If you know how. And with the patch, the program works without TD Ameritrade having anything to do with it. I guess it would be considered free standing.
  6. xiaodre


    Ouch. It's a little late in the game for this...
  7. rickdee


    Yes!!! I fully support your guys to save quote tracker.
    I have been making numerous complaint to the support team on their decision to terminate Quote Tracker in the next 1 to 2 years time.
    In the past few months I have been trying to test out the charting tool like ThinkOrSwim (TOS) and also the TradeArchitect (TA). Both of them sucks big time. None is comparable to quote tracker at all. They claimed that quote tracker has to be obsoleted because it is using old technology. However, TOS and TA that are claimed to be using the latest technology cannot even compare to the feature and smoothness of quote tracker.
    I have compile many feedback emails to them on all the comparison that I found in quote tracker and TOS. Here I attached a few for you guys to look at.
    Let's all stop them from killing Quote Tracker !!!!