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  1. Hello,

    Thank you for reading.. The truth is I'm good at trading technically but my biggest problem are my emotions.. I don't have patience and discipline.. I've tried and tried and tried to figure out how to solve this but I can't.. is there anyone who had this problem and was able to overcome it? And how did you do it?


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    Yes about 99% of losing traders and some winning traders.
  3. We can't help you, only you can, look in the mirror.

    Do you eat shitty?

    Do you exercise?

    Do you smoke?

    Do you gamble?

    Do you masturbate too much?

    Do you have discipline in other areas of your life?

    Everything is essentially a trade. If you have no discipline in your life. Then at least don't trade (the markets)

    We are all human but you need a high level of discipline for this.

    You're at the first step , at least admitting there is a problem.

    "Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty."
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    Just keep trading and keep trading and keep trading. Eventually what makes you very emotional now will not be such a big deal. It may take years.

    It does take years.

    Yeah, and what the wise man said about discipline. Takes years too. On and on, our whole lives.

    (PS, keep trading with virtual money and/or small amounts of real money...also, find your niche; maybe live futures trading is stressing you and you ought to do something less leveraged and risky, at least for awhile)
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    Actually, I don't think you have defined EXACTLY what your problem really is. To me, what you wrote makes little sense, if you are good at trading technically, which means you have rules but then lack patience and discipline means to me not enough rules?

    Have you ever considered you have too much time on your hands? You get bored not being in the market? How bout bringing in a trendmill or stationary bike? Walk off the nervousness within your body.

    Ask yourself WHY you lack patience and discipline, the why's are the basis of what you need to work on and most likely affect other parts of your life.
  7. I faced the same problem as you when I first started out.

    My solution: Automate. Algorithms don't have emotions.
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    I want to automate my emoticons...
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    don't kid yourself, you might think you know what you are doing, you might think you are good at trading technically, most of the naive wannabees think this way. you are not alone. but the harsh reality is: you don't know wtf you are doing. and you are still in denial. you will be in denial until the bank is empty. very few daydreamers wake up when they smelt the coffee.
  10. Thanks everyone for the response..

    Im a daytrader and I've been trading for years now and still have not solved the problem..

    Handle - maybe your right and I should set more rules.. thanks

    Keep them coming.. I believe 80% of trading is mental and I'm interested to know more about it..
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