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  1. what websites can i find what specialists trade what stocks. i know i have seen it posted on here several times, but i tried to search and couldnt come up with anything...try plugging specialist into the search and see how many hits you get.
  2. yeah, i guess i have to goto each specialist's site to see who they trade, but i thought somewhere there was a complete listing in one shot.
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  4. tx for reply

    marketrac doesnt as far as i know unless i didnt dig deep enough, but does anyone use marketrac during the day to trade off?
    bob bright said he uses it but i didnt catch how exactly he uses it. it looks like just a simpler, concise fromat to screen for volume and action through the day? i never kept it open long during the day b/c it drains resources or rather i notice it seems kinds of buggy, freezes up, etc... but anything bob does i am very interested in emulating... anyone use this? if so what is your experience?
  5. know iremeber last time i did this having to goto each specialists website and soem are more convenient and easier to search, while some dont have any lists
    i thought i remembered someone discussing a site that had complete list and easy tosearch, i am sure one exists but i cant find it. oh well.
  6. used the markettrac today, it wasnt buggy like i was pretty cool, although no better thatn just a simple screen for most avtive/gain/losers, etc.. but its a neat format
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    Do you need every symbol or do you just need a few ...if you give me the ones you need i could get them tomarrow for you
  8. yeah, i was looking for a dbase where i could just plug in a symbol to get the specialist firm instead of hunting thorugh each specialists site.... if you know of one i appreciate you informing me either here or PM.