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    I just started trading eminis and the mini dow on the Ninja platform. I coming out of retirement where I spent 15 years trading treasuries in the pits at the cbot.

    My questions, what is the spread ratio for the emini vs mini dow?

    Since Ninja does not support spreads like TT's auto spreader, what are my options for live feeds on the price changes? legging in and out of the spread is fine for me, I just need to know the best, cheapiest and fastest way for the live prices for the spread?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. If you are just starting trading Eminis and worried about a spread, do yourself a giant favor and subscribe for free to this guy:

    He has been spot on since I started following his lessons 3 months ago and he answers emails from subscribers.

    Best to you!

  3. Please tell us you were bored to death and are only doing this for the challenge.
  4. You should head on over to Think or Swim, the specialize in spread trading the e-minis and they focus on the spreads of the NQ vs. ES (usually 2 to 1).

    Lots of luck to ya.
  5. ES closed at 1392.00 x $50 = $69,600
    YM closed at 12824 x $5 = $64,120

    At these levels 1 to 1 is close enough, but 11 YM to 10 ES is closer.

    If you use a broker that supports QuoteTracker you can set up a portfolio in QuoteTracker that follows the spread at your specified ratio.
  6. shawntp


    so it is a 1 to 1 ratio. someone also mentioned that it is possible to track the price change on an excel program?

    thanks for your help
  7. CBuster


    of course - u just need a data vendor

    i use reuters and cqg. others use esignal and there are several other options. then it's just a DDE or active-x link into excel with the prices. u can also chart the spread - cqg is a good chart package for that

  8. Does anybody know how much money do I have to put up for the 11:10 spread?
  9. The CME SPAN margin credit is 95% for ES/YM spread in a 5 to 6 ratio. You have to ask your broker what they want for the ES/YM spread margin, as the broker margin requirement may be higher.
  10. jeb9999 ... thanks for the info.
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