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    Hi everyone

    Lets say I happen to know that a stock that is currently at $50 is going to hit $55 over the next month.

    Now I want to chose which option strike would be the best. I'm looking for the biggest % return between today and the day it hits $55.

    What tools do I have available that can help me? I would prefer free tools but any help would be great.

  2. tools
    free tools
    % return

    just buy the stock and make life less complicated!
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    Intelligent answer. Gueco, this is a great site for options
  5. Gueco,

    If you really "know" that the stock is going to hit 55 in 30 days, you can.

    1.- Buy 1000 or as many as you possibly can, $50 calls now.

    You are risking 100% of capital invested for an 400% return approx if you are paying $1.00 for the calls.

    or if you want to be even more aggresive and you have enough money for margin req...

    2.- Sell 1000 55 puts and buy 5000 50 calls with the money received from the puts.
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    Either help the guy or don't respond .

    What a TOOL!
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    thanks everyone :)
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    Firstly: you don't know that it will hit $55 over the next month. So be aware of your risk. Use money management.

    Secondly: plug several scenarios into an options analyzer and compare the outcomes. For front or back month horizon, usually you get the best reward / risk buying in the money options, or verticals with the long leg in the money.
  9. so whats the stock?
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    Why would he tell you before he is long?
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