Please help me with series 7 CD-Rom

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  1. Hi,

    I bought STC series 7 and 55 material from a guy in ET, CD-rom and manuals in binders, Now the guy says he have no idea about CD-Rom (it's original) user and password, because he didn't bother to use it

    I tried to search through the files in CD-rom, but no luck.

    Does every exam CD-rom from STC comes with Unique user and password, or i can use others user and password?

    Please help, thank you
  2. Please PM me if you can share your PW & UN with me?
  3. I can swap it with some very useful Trading material

    Please someone respond, thank you
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    You probably all ready thought about this, but if you bought it from someone who bought it from someone who bought it from the company that made it, can't you call them for the ID? It's possible that everyone has a unique ID and even if someone else has a password it wouldn't work for the ones you have.
  5. Once the CD ask for User & password, you don't need to be
    connected to Internet, That means user and password is seating
    somewhere in the CD, but i can't find it.

    Now, If someone has STC series 7 cd, even his User & pw don't
    work with my CD, then he can send over whole program to me
  6. The guy who sold you a bill of goods (unusable) sounds like a crook to me. Why not demand your money back, from him? What was the payment method, anyway, and how long ago?
  7. Right, he is irresponsible, series 7 and 55 both for $90 by western union, even the binder and manuals are copied, not originaly from STC, i hope the contents are the same

    All these doesn't change anything, AFAIK Series 7 without CD exams is useless
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    Ive got the STC serie 7 binders but not the CDs. If your interested ...PM,
  9. No, i need the cd UN & PW only, though my binder and paper
    are copied, but contents should exactly be the same

    Thank you
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    Try this .................

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