Please help me with my homework:

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  1. Q1: Consider the game of chess. How many different possible games are there that conclude in 50 moves or less. Do not consider any games with repetitive moves that would result in a draw.

    Q2: What is the maximum amount of moves possible in a game of chess until a game is either won or drawn by repetitive movements?

    Q3: If white is to move first, can it be proven that there is a definite way to win the game. Consider the many permutations possible. How would you go about setting up a proof that proves or disproves that there is a way for white to definitely win in any eventuality considering white moves first.
  2. Nice questions Brother Aphie... I hope Kasparov frequents these boards :D
  3. I'm pretty sure the answer to Q2 is infinity.

    The other two are just too tough for me.