Please help me to choose an auto trading platform for my case

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by jetq, Jul 19, 2015.

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    I have two indicator-based system to trade against 100-200 stocks, based on intraday signal from indicator, it can enter order to open positions and exit on intraday signal from indicators. I need specify how much money to be allocated to each strategy and what max number of open positions per strategy. so for example, I have total $50000 in my account, I can allocate $20000 to strategy 1, max open position is 20, and $30000 to strategy 2, max open position is 30. then the platform will scan my stocks list bar by bar based on two strategy, if it gets signal, open position until max number of positions per strategy.

    my broker is interactive brokers(IB). I'm checking multicharts, tradestation, ninjatrader,etc. but I can't figure out which platform can work for my case. anyone has similar experience , please advise.

    if I have to write my own auto trading application, which open source project is best for my need with least effort.

  2. xandman


    Sounds like something the Amibroker guys are doing. Will need a good data feed.
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    Working with the IB TWS API is pretty straight forward if you have any basic coding ability. I've used the C++ api, and the examples and documentation are pretty decent. To xandman's point, many will say the IB datafeed is not good enough for anything serious, so you may want to look into another provider if you choose to go the IB API route.

    Good luck.
  4. are you sure the IB TWS API (particularly C++) is suitable for someone who cannot figure out whether NinjaTrader or Multicharts suits the bill? I doubt that.

    I feel the height of the retail "quant" "algotrader" "robot trader" "clown trader" times are already beyond us, a lot of retail dreamers have bitten the dust already. Else why has the Programming forum on this site almost died...hardly anyone makes it in the same way as hardly anyone made it when people still looked at T&S years ago. The losing percentages have not changed much imho.

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    Good point
  6. You might want to keep #15 in mind from this link:
  7. Drakhades


    FYI I ahve a similar strategy, I try using Multicharts but up drop it because you can not dynamically select your universe by algorithm.

    I end up have to write my own program. I can not use IB data because their pacing violations suck and booster packs do not help history violations.
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    thanks everyone,

    so Drakhades, could you tell me what language you choose to use to write your own program, is it C# or Java? do you use any opensource framework to help you get started?
    thanks again.

  9. Drakhades


    I write it in C#, I was going to use Lean Engine, which is open source, but they also do not let use universe.

    Lean Engine is going to let you add universes soon but maybe a few weeks, and when it added I am still not sure if it does what I need it to so I am write my own.

    I already writes my own program in Python before so it is not too scary, but if you never code slippage or thinly-traded-security bar interpolation before I do not recommend doing it.
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