please help, I have a 99.9% winning system

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  1. and not enough money to trade more often than once every 4 days by law. i'm not here to tell you about the system, im here to complain about knowing exactly when to buy and when to sell and never lose but having no money because I had to eat all of it or spend it on the squaters that are living off of me and thier emergencies that required my money, leaving me with nothing to trade with. and then loaning them money and not getting paid back. I'm here because I am frustrated at seeing huge, MASSIVE wins that I cant take because I will get pattern day tradered and kicked out of the casino. but I am calm because I know I will very patiently and consistently do nothing but win and the money will come to me, once every 4 days, by law. the market talks to me in a way that is so clear that it is like seeing 100 miles into the distance, and I cant touch it.

    this is the psychological help center right?

    oh and damn skippy i'm getting a futures account, my system requires overnight futures holding so I will only need 900% more than I have now, which is not a problem, except for the waiting, and waiting. f'ing sec.
  2. this should be fun ... :p
  3. Well first off you should figure out the law.

    any customer who executes 4 or more round-trip day trades within any 5 successive business days

    4 trades a week: With that system you should be up to 25grand in no time.

    Then on to futures and your first million.

    Whats that you say;; The 0.1% of the time it doesn't work, you loses all your money

    Too bad. :(
  4. no, the other sec rule about the money from the last stock I sold has to settle before I can trade it or I will get booted for free riding.

    and so far I have not lost yet, but I added that .0000001% possibilty of a loss, a very small loss, to be realistic.

    this is not about I need money, the market gives that away for free, this about frustration management and psychological help for my frustration. because I cant load up my truck with money fast enough.

    I gave my trading capital to my girlfriend so she could buy a house, to get her out of my house, and she wont pay me back.

    no, really my system does work.

    yes I have a bucketshop, scottrade, the slippage is irritating and um, it took 10 years to come up with the system, and it works.
  5. Get a margin account
  6. 20 grand as per sec rule and a margin account will fix the 4 day waiting period. not there yet, had it, gave it away, will get it again, and to repeat frustrated about not being able to load up my truck fast enough.

    special thanks for the kind and supportive words from trader445
  7. Crap. Yet again more crap from newbie losers. Sweetness, come back when you're a billionaire.:D
  8. You need to get back on your Lithium before the next Manic Depressive moment hits...
  9. do you kids have any idea how awesome it is to have a system that works?

    shleprocks, f this. what was I expecting
  10. Mav88


    I have a system that always works: don't give all my money to girlfriends
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