please help ? Dark pools trade volume?

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  1. Hi,

    I called nasdaq and i called nyse. I Called the sec and i called some of the dark pools themselves who are found on advanced The dark pools said they had 5 mins to 20 mins to send the price quote and volume? I use volume to help me trade.

    my question: once a trade is executed on a dark pool.. when and what quantity of shares are sent to the national market system so that they show up on our charts? I don't think they show up on time or if at all. does anyone knwo the answer to this?

    if yo know the answer maybe you could attatch a chart and show the volume some how in t&s or a chart

    Thank you in advance.
    sec letter on dark pools
  2. interesting with all of the "smart traders" on this site that no one has even taken a stab at answering this question? LOL

    any help would be appreciated..thanks
  3. When you see a large print come across as ADF that is usually a dark pool print. The vol of the print is always counted. This usally happens within 2 min of the order finished.
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    Whenever I trade with dark pools, it is reported to the tape immediately.
  5. no offense to anyone, but I am referring to large volume trades.. i klnow there are ways to get dark liquidity with small orders .. for retail guys, but the large traders prints are not immediately put to the tape.. call a couple of the dark pools .. they will tell you the same thing? Thank you for the input.
  6. The large orders is what I was talking about. Small orders are instant in when they hit.
  7. What's your point?

    This was discussed almost a year ago on this site, you should do a search.

    The goal of dark pools is to keep the daytraders (like you) & programs away from the transaction & the action. It's the same as institutions calling each other to exchange a large block, doing the transaction, then calling the specialist and telling him to do the print.
  8. hmm..well that doesn't answer my question? nice try though...when does the volume and print T & S show up? and is it on the charts?
  9. this is what they say...

    "Still, every trade must be printed on the consolidated tape that is displayed in investment houses and on television every day. So the trades done secretly are made public immediately after execution." How accurate that is, I don't really know. I'd guess that they hold it on the books to the end of the day. I've read other accounts where they record the trades overnight.

    All blessed by the SEC, under the belief that they help the little traders.
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    IF you find the answer to this question, let me know because it "seems" to be a deep dark secret (for obvious reasons).

    The system is rigged and once you figure it out they just re rig it.

    Forget about being right and focus on money management.
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