Please help a lame trainee

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by johnn, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. johnn


    When you buy and sell on the bid and ask you add liquidity, so you get credit. Right ?
    My question is you get that credit on both buy and sell?
    So if for example island gives $1.10 credit on 1000 share. If you buy on the bid and sell on the ask you get $1.10+$1.10= 2.20 only on credits???

    Thank you
  2. john is this how they are teaching you to trade? That's not trading. They are making you a hamster on a wheel.

    I know nothing about liquidity trading. Maybe the answer is in the search file under liquidity trading.

    But if you signed on to learn how to trade, that ain't it.

    Good luck though.

  3. In,

    Look in to the overall scheme of things. If you can trade commission free with direct access would you?
  4. You make a great point 963. I respect what you are saying.

    In my pea brain I am still enamored with the whole art of finding a good looking setup, waiting for it to mature, executing a nice entry, and managing the trade.

    Pounding the keyboard or clicking the mouse all day doesn't seem very fun to me.

    But variety is the spice...
  5. it's not that fun, but I bending the rules