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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by kiwi1, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. kiwi1


    Today was my first day trading ES - SnP e-mini (1 contract at a time)
    Trading all day
    Filled orders: 365
    Result P/L: +$634
    This is probably called scalping - tried to win just 2-3 ticks per trade.
    Morning and parts of afternoon was very hard to trade - very volatile;
    best was during pre-hours or during obvious trends.
    Please give some feedback based on your experience:
    - was that a reasonably average day for trading
    - is this a very much above average return
    - any ideas suggestions welcome

  2. Surdo


    If that is net P&L, after commission, great job!
  3. Looks like your broker made more money than you did. There were three trades yesterday.
  4. As mentioned, you failed to say if this is net or gross. That's important.

    That said, I see a problem... Regular market hours (RTH) contains exactly 390 minutes. You traded 365 contracts, 1 per trade... Assuming you make 1 trade per minute, that leaves 25 minutes through-out the trading day for lunch, bathroom, and other otherwise distraction. Seems like Guantanamo to me. Perhaps your trading included pre-market and after-hours. Either way, IMO, you are "working" too much, and your risk/reward is excessive. That number of contracts should yield significantly more reward, which suggests your methods are not probabilistically in your favor to any meaningful degree.

    Just my opinion, and my opinion is always accurate. :)