please fire casino ben

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  1. his logic is the government can print more money than everybody else has, he really has no answers, and is so over his head. when you have to say my strongest tool in the bag is telling everybody the market is good your lost. how many times can you do the same thing and look for a different outcome? he is just blinded at this point by being arrogant or he is locked in a position he can only keep doubling down because there is no better short term course.
  2. Bernanke is ruining people lives, he is ruining investments accounts and trading accounts by killing the value of money and propping up the market.
  3. Dec 19th 2012

    " keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times............."

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    " Buy and hold is not dead. It was never alive......"
  4. i am not looking to focus on investment accounts because shorting the market is a choice. my problem is he is making a fake bull market and someone needing income might take there cd money and put it in the market and get very hurt. he did not say anything in his conference but here is free money. he has no idea what to do. his answer to making jobs is free money and it has not worked in 4 years. when does he say he is wrong? what is this job officially? its insane he makes it seem like there is no bill in the end.

  5. he will go down in history as the worst guy to ever run the fed. its pretty when the market goes up but wait until we see the real tab. this is called rich welfare. he had no answers in the press conference but he made it clear he will write checks even if unemployment picks up. he is basically saying big corporations please hire people i won't stop writing checks if you do i promise. i am begging you please these people think i am a fool help me.
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  7. Ben just doesn't understand that the problem is a fiscal & policy problem and not a monetary problem.

    He can not just print 24x7 to help a fiscal disaster and country that has lost it's manufacturing base to China.

    This is not the same 1930's US industrial powerhouse...we are now a service industry of burger flippers and Walmart greeters now.
  8. yes he does but since the republicans have bottled everything up the legislative branch cant do anything and he will do whatever he can to stop another recession. he has said so many times. will it eventually fail. probably.
  9. they are going be tossing stones at him when he leaves the fed. how can this end good? he is just giving away money and begging companies to hire. is this really economics?

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