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  1. I thought I might take a moment to put this thread up. I know its not trading related, but thought it would be good to place it here at the top to remind everyone to put a donation in to Haiti.

    Not all charities are legitimate, so it is important to give to the right people. The Red Cross and Clinton Bush Haiti Relief Foundation are probably the most credible around. Spend a few moments and give $25 to one of them. Its a small amount of money going to a good cause:

    Dont forget to spread these links around and ask others if they have donated. Spread the word and encourage.

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    while the us govt is printing unlimited $'s why not just print $50 bil for haiti? they'll be coming over by the 100's of thousands in boats soon so why not just rebuild there whole country. they could send 10 mil unemployed over there to rebuild thus reducing our unemployment rate to 6% and sending stks to 20k.
  3. I can understand anger about the economy and other things that have happened this last year, however, this is a serious issue. Please do not vent on the people of Haiti as a result of the actions of Obama, bankers and other assorted politicians.

    I spent some money traveling and on a movie today. All and all about $30. However, there are organizations out there that could have put that money to better use. I am not saying to donate thousands of trading dollars, but make a small donation.

    The smallest donation you can make to the Red Cross site is $10 and to the Clinton Bush site $25. How about making a donation and placing up a screen-shot of the receipt when done? That is $35 and the cost of going out on the town to a movie.

    Please take this seriously. I want to see some screenshots up of receipts.
  4. This is not going to be a popular thing to say but...............

    Why when are country is in fiscal crisis are we giving them $100 mil? Ok 20 mil, but c'mon the last I heard the EU was giving 4-7? Shit the donations from the texting is $7 mil plus from private US citizens.

    I am more liberal than most on this forum and have done social work for a living before. But what about the ppl. in New Orleans or other desperate, needy Americans?

    Why is our responsibility to fix a failed nation state? Everyone admits its been 25+ years they were functional at all.

    What about their neighbors in the DR? I don't seem them doing squat? I know the DR is far from a rich country, but nothing?

    I feel horrible for Haitians I really do. But as the same goes clean up your own backyard before coming over to your neighbors.
  6. MTV Networks reveals Haiti relief plans MTV Networks on Friday revealed details about the Haiti relief telethon it is mounting with actor George Clooney.

    The two-hour telethon to support the victims of this week's devastating earthquake will be called "Hope for Haiti."

    It will air Friday, Jan. 22, at 8 p.m. commercial-free across ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, the CW, CNN, BET, HBO, MTV, VH1 and CMT.

    Clinton Bush Haiti FUND

    text "HAITI" to "90999" and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts, charged to your cell phone bill.

    US Red Cross phone campaign nets 8 million dollars for Haiti

    Charity Navigator has extensive information about many charities, including what percentage of contributions goes to the programs, as opposed to fundraising and overhead expenses

    Doctors Without Borders:


    Catholic Relief Services:

    Lutheran World Relief:

    American Jewish World Service:
  7. <b>Another Top 10 Efficient Charity (as <a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=" target="_blank">ranked by Forbes</a>):</b><br /><a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=;item=1958776§ion=10324&amp;funnel=dn&amp;campaign=105418218" target="_blank">World Vision</a> &lt;-- Direct Link to their <span style='background-color: yellow; color: black;'>Haiti</span> Donations Page<br /><br />HumanityFirst. Excellent charity, low overhead.<br /><a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=" target="_blank"></a><br /><br />Please take the following into account before donating to a charity.<br /><br /><a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=" target="_blank">Charity Navigator</a> has extensive information about many charities, including what percentage of contributions goes to the programs, as opposed to fundraising and overhead expenses. They advise contributing only to well-established charities with good reputations. Apparently, there scammers out there that are trying to take advantage of the situation.<br /><br />From <a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=;cpid=1004" target="_blank">Charity Navigator - Help Survivors of the Earthquake in <span style='background-color: yellow; color: black;'>Haiti</span></a> (I added the links and the Charity Navigator rating, where 4-stars **** is the highest):<br /><br /><blockquote><hr>Here are a few of our 3 and 4-star charities responding to the crisis along with a synopsis of their plans. Each of these charities has a history of working on massive disasters and/or of working in <span style='background-color: yellow; color: black;'>Haiti</span>.<br /><br /><a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=" target="_blank">American Red Cross (*** )</a> - The ARC is sending tarps, hygiene items and cooking sets for approximately 5,000 families and is helping the injured who may need blood. Thousands of local Red Cross volunteers are already aiding their fellow <span style='background-color: yellow; color: black;'>Haiti</span>ans and ARC Disaster management specialists are scheduled to be on the ground soon.<br /><br /><a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=;df_id=5083&amp;5083.donation=form1" target="_blank">Americares (****)</a> - Sending $5 million of medical aid to survivors including antibiotics, pain relievers, bandages and medical supplies for survivors with trauma injuries.<br /><br /><a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=;df_id=5000" target="_blank">CARE (****)</a> - Deploying emergency team members to Port-au-Prince and will be distributing food. Over 100 staff members on the ground coordinating with U.N. agencies.<br /><br /><a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=" target="_blank">Convoy of Hope (****)</a> - Setting up an emergency command center just outside Port-au-Prince where food, water and supplies are being distributed.<br /><br /><a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=" target="_blank">Direct Relief International (****)</a> - Arranging an emergency airlift containing over $2 million in medicines and medical supplies that will depart on January 15.<br /><br /><a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=" target="_blank">Doctors Without Borders, USA (****)</a> - Currently treating people on the ground and will be operating an inflatable hospital.<br /><br /><a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=" target="_blank">Food For the Poor (****)</a>- Accepting cash donations, canned eats, fish, condensed/evaporated/powdered milk, and water. Almost 100 containers of urgently needed medical supplies, rice and canned food from Food For The Poor are ready to be distributed to the people of <span style='background-color: yellow; color: black;'>Haiti</span>. Another 300 containers are planned as a part of the initial relief effort.<br /><br /><a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=;subsource=subsourcePartners%20in%20Health" target="_blank">Partners in Health (****)</a> - Has been working in <span style='background-color: yellow; color: black;'>Haiti</span> for 20 years. They are organizing medical personnel volunteers and gathering supplies. <br /><br /><a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=" target="_blank">Save the Children (****)</a> - Has worked in <span style='background-color: yellow; color: black;'>Haiti</span> for 25 years with 100 staff on the ground. Will be providing food, water, shelter and child-friendly spaces. Because Save the Children's offices did not suffer the structural damage of other non-governmental organizations, other aid workers have taken refuge in the agency's compound, where operations are being run out of offices and tents. <br /><br /><a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=" target="_blank">Water Missions International (****)</a> - Raising funds so they can directly provide safe water to earthquake survivors. Has full-time staff on the ground in Port-au-Prince and are poised to respond as quickly as possible to the survivors of the quake.<br /><br />Of course, these are just a few of the many charities offering aid. For other options for your philanthropic investment, please refer to <a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=;cpid=1004" target="_blank">our extended list of highly-rated charities on the right</a>.<br /><hr></blockquote><br /><br />The extended list includes some charities previously mentioned in this thread, such as <a href="/redirect/bounce.php?afsrc=1&mid=14588052&url=;campaign=1193512&amp;cmp=KNC-1193512" target="_blank">World Vision (****)</a>, also mentioned at the beginning of the Quick Summmary. There are other worthy charities providing aid to <span style='background-color: yellow; color: black;'>Haiti</span> that aren't on the extended list, but it's a good idea to research them via Charity Navigator or elsewhere before contributing to them.</td></tr></table>
    <br /><br />
  8. I donated $10 through that text-message thing, but I agree with the poster about our government just giving away money like that.

    We are in no position to be giving away money when our country is in shambles. I gave away the $10 -because- I believe in private giving, not the government forcing me to pay for them. I wish that our government would exercise some kind of fiscal restraint. It's not their money, it's our money.

    My reps don't care. It's time to vote third party, people. We need some kind of new Ross Perot.
  9. I think a third party would just dilute the vote.

    What we need is to do is vote out every incumbent. That would put a scare in them all.
  10. I suggest not donating to any charities without visiting the Better Business Bureau website and looking at them. Only donate to charities that have their seal of approval.

    The Red Cross seems like the best one to make your donation. It has both the BBB's seal of approval and the US State Department's seal of approval.

    If you do nothing else, then text "HAITI" to "90999".

    DO NOT DONATE TO WYCLEF JEAN. Also, there are some well known charities on the BBB's list that are not approved.,2933,583169,00.html
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