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  1. Please do not ask again why they hate us

    latest from our bombings in Falluja, Iraq





    Let's see these images on 6 o'clock news in US for few days.:eek:


    And I ask you all chickenhawck assholes war mongers war/dudya supporters, WHY????

    Why shouldn't their fathers and mothers blow you up?

    WHTA WOULD YOU DO???:eek: :eek:
  2. Very simple. OUR children are worth more than THEIR children. To Us. (Not to them). We have the bombs, we have the might, and they have the OIL.

    Might Makes Right!

    This "liberation" is sickening. What started (supposedly....or "sold to us") with good intentions has escalated into a true Vietnam type tradgedy.

    When will they ever learn? (Bob Dylan: "Blowin' in the Wind")

    I always feel lucky to be an AMERICAN. Right now, I don't feel very PROUD to be an American.

    The good news is unlike in Iraq, we, the people, can change those who speak for us as a nation.

    Time for change!

  3. What is this all about.... really?! OIL FIELDS?? :-/
  4. wonder how quickly this "liberation" would be finished if those pictures were on CNN instead of al jazeera....
  5. why arent they on CNN? os FOX? or CBS?

    what would happen if CNN aired those pics?

    are various media in collusion then carefully craft their reporting to push their collective agenda?

    what happened to honest journalism?

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  8. Nolan,

    We, the most bestest country in the world, are simply doing our patriotic duty by killing off future threats to our national security. The balance of probabilities would suggest that those would-be terrorists pictured would be trained to kill us... we have every right to take pre-emptive action against terrorists, even if it's a couple of decades in advance...

    Saddam could have avoided all of this, if he had surrendered himself and his weapons of mass destruction... now let's get back to kicking some ass... and let's not get too emotional about what we are there to do (protect the oil fields from the Evil Iraqi Terrorists, and from the filthy hands of those Evil French, Russian and Chinese bastids who were about to go through with deals to extract the oil)... we are the liberators, so we will choose the government... and that chosen government will be answerable to OUR oil companies, not to the oil companies of the Frogs, Reds or Yellows...

    God Bless America (and Israel, our chief buddy in the region),
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