Please discuss the pros and cons of the current educational system!

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  1. I believe that even though the educational system has it's pros, it is full of practices that serve purposes other than educating those who attend and/or serve it

    In my view the current educational system is very similar to the church systems of the past, and those who fail to see the flaws and silly practices of schools and universities are the same type of people who failed to see the stupid teachings of the church and their abuse of people, several hundred years ago.

    As a person who has gone through university and whose parents have PHDs in both engineering and non-engineering fields, I believe that schools are one fucked up system, and that a true and free educational system should replace them

    here are some of the flaws I see in the educational system:

    a student is forced to learn everything via the method determined by the schools, there is no my way of learning things (just like how you have to interpret the fucking bible, as told by the church)

    most professors and teachers are people who lack any kind of serious intelligence and suffer from various psychological illnesses including but not limited to an intense desire to have their butts kissed by students (just like how most popes are child molesters, and fucked up shits)

    there is too much disinformation and fucked up nonsense being taught in schools and you have to feed it to your brain as is, or else you will be diagnosed with ADHD or some shit like that (if you don't believe the bible you are a sinner and must be fucked)

    there is no value placed on intelligence and understanding, everything is based on doing your homework on time and getting the exams right, actually smart people are really hated by schools (so much like the church)
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    Give the Education system back to the people! The government has not a damn clue how to run it . Anyone see how our kids are bored out of there goards in school? Let the local people decide on how to educated there kids. The government running this system just facilitates the progress of stupidity, for its not their intention on making our kids productive intellectual parts of society.

    Our current education system SUCKS to be nice!
  3. The educational system in the US certianly has some short comings but as an ex inner city public school teacher I can tell you that that is not the only problem.

    The schools are only one side of the story, the lack of parental involvement in a child's life is just as destructive.

    There is a crisis in America with the breakdown of the family unit. Keep the family unit intact and the educational system will follow. Address out of wedlock birth, teenage pregancy and the the lack of parental involvement and the educational system will improve dramatically.
  4. My wife has taught 2nd and 3rd grade, primarily "inner-city" for over 20 years. Evidently that grade level has not been beaten up by those seeking Public Education reform (I think "they" spared the first 4 grade levels if I recall).

    She and I both think the "no child left behind" bureaucratic nightmare has really hurt the system (as one big example of "non-teaching" time wasted, IMO).

    Not coincidentally, in my mind, when the Fed's took over so much control from the States, back in 1978, so much took a turn for the worse.

    Too much "administration" not enough "education" time.

    Underpaid teachers? Probably. Under funded school system, I don't think so.

    Choices, charter schools, tax credits for private schools...there are answers, but none that the NEA will go for. The Union is still pretty strong politically, but they are way off base in their thinking. They seem to care more about their own Union than either the teachers or the students.