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  1. Nah!

    There are no New World Order conspiracies IMO.

    You could easily why rich get richer and the poor poorer (be it individuals, companies, or nations) by reading rich dad, poor dad.
  2. Are you saying that New World Order is bunch off bolognas?
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    The Ignorant was given a satellite dish and an internet connection. So get used to being surrounded by their farts.
  4. It's not much of a stretch to entertain these as possibilities.

    What binds the religions together with those who wish to rule the world?

    Those religions which promote the world as something real, something sacred, something created by God...these religions play into the hands of those who wish to rule the world.

    And why not?

    All the rulers want to do is to bring some order to chaos.

    Isn't that the same business the religions are in?

    Those religions which promote the Genesis story are interested in returning the earth to a Garden of Eden type paradise. They are invested in having dominion over the earth as "good stewards". The New World Order ideology is not much different from this. Each believes it can gain the whole world, and establish some sort of kingdom of law and order upon it. The one believes a small group of elites are best suited to rule the world. The other believes I am best suited to rule the world.

    They seem to have forgotten that my kingdom is not of this world . Some interpret this to mean that the capital of my kingdom will not be in the middle east...but rather, wherever the ancient Garden of Eden is/was located.

    Those religions who call this world "God created" support a new world order because this world is a new world order relative to God's true creation.

    A new world order is simply a symbol of what this world is: an antithetical replacement for Christ, God's true creation. The new world order is a "big idea" representing an ideal of the ego, an acronym for "earth god", or, the "god of this world".

    In this world, you are guilty until proven innocent. And you will be treated accordingly. Laws will be manufactured as if by production line, year after year by law-makers, until it is impossible to keep the law, thus proving you are guilty.

    Is it any surprise that the highest echelons of secret societies come to see that they support the agenda of "Lucifer"? There is a strange honesty about this. Few are able to stomach the fact that this world is made by the devil, and not God. Therefore, if there is any interest in actually ruling the world, one must work in conjunction with the maker of the world. It does not take a genius to figure this out.

    Meanwhile, the masses are nursed on the pabulum of Genesis, telling them that the world is made by "God", and not the devil. They are taught that the devil wrecked a decent place to live, and with a little law and order, the world can be made into a decent place once again.

    Little do they know they support the devils agenda in this way: to perpetuate and maintain the world indefinitely for private use. And in this way, time and space are given power to eliminate eternity and spirit.

    A major tenet in the ego's insane religion is that sin is not error but truth. In these religions, purity is seen as arrogance, and the acceptance of the self as sinful is perceived as holiness. Those who see themselves as sinful are sainted for humility, for "all have sinned", and this is the "truth".

    The idea of sin is wholly sacrosanct to the ego's thought system. It can indeed be said that the ego, the devil's thought system, made this world upon sin as truth. Only in such a world could everything be upside down. Sin gives this world the solidness of it's very foundation.

    Sin as truth has changed creation from an idea of God to an ideal the ego wants; a world it rules, made up of bodies, mindless and capable of complete corruption and decay.

    There is no stone in all the ego's embattled citadel that is more heavily defended than the idea that sin is real, the "truth" from which escape will always be impossible.

    Thus, sin is the most "holy" concept in the ego's thought system, quite unapproachable except with reverence and awe.

    Want proof? Tell anyone who teaches Genesis that they are innocent. Tell them they are not a sinner at all. Tell them they are worthy to be equal to God. Watch their reaction. Watch them heap loads of guilt upon their shoulders. Watch them verbally cover themselves with horse manure as a talisman of humility to ward off the "wrath of god". They dare not accept their innocence for fear such arrogance will provoke punishment. And they will tell you that equality with God is "of the devil".

    And so they are in league with those who would rule a world of mindless pawns by whatever means deceptive and strange. They are in league with those who regulate buying and selling and all forms of sacrifice.

    You have been told you must purchase your inheritance back by way of sacrifice, pain and suffering. You are told you can purchase this vicariously by investing belief in blood as money, credited to your account relative to your cooperation and commitment to a program of behavioral modification.

    Yes, they are in league with those who would keep the Son of God from rising up to reclaim the glory of his inheritance. They have put me above you as a way to keep you nailed down to earth. Such is the plight of those who agree with the ego which makes this world.

    A "new world order" will not provoke me to respond differently than I have always responded to the insane notions of the world. It will not induce me to return to a body to wrest control of the earth from it's rulers. Rather, it will pass just as the world will pass. Civilizations come and go. How will this be different? 5000 years down the road, America as you know it will be buried under the sands of time.

    ... And the Kingdom of God will still have nothing to do with this world.

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  6. You are free to keep on sleeping.

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