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Discussion in 'Forex' started by dima777, Sep 4, 2008.

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    Just wanted to ask you to check out my website:

    I have two questions:

    1) What is your opinion on the content provided?

    2) Do you think it can be a good platform to start my own investment fund from?

    (not considering the current layout and the color scheme, which will be updated soon).

  2. Well, it's ten times better than this guys website The Latetest Website by InvestingVue despite the fact that it is obviously put together using a cook-cutter "website creator" program.

    As far as using the site to drive your business and create a hedge fund ... I think you're putting the cart a little ahead of the horse, but who knows in this business, anything can happen.

    P.S. You might want to change-up your color scheme ... although I do like the chocolate, I think Bues and Grays are better for finance. But it's still pretty good so long as you don't use any pastels, LOL.
  3. Before you will attract anyone but newbies, you must post audited statements of performance. Even if you are selling education instead of chat room subscriptions, the independent statements are required to be taken seriously. You have to pay for that. This is one thing that may interest so many of us ET posters whose experience with others selling something has been less than good.
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    Just from reading the front page, I am not sure exactly what I am doing here. There is no about page to state your goal of the site either. Are you selling something? Creating a community? Or just trying to get Amazon referrals. Over usage of the word "forex".

    Might help credibility to hire a web designer also. Nobody likes to just read alllllll that text. Want to see pretty graphics and photos. But not stock photos.
  5. Seriously, either give a web firm a grand to design something simple and professional that you can build on yourself, or go find a site you like and ask the owner if you can rip it and customize it for your own site. Ask first!
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    thanks for the encouraging words....the fact is the idea of making a fund slowly evolved during the final stages on the website creation so the horse-cart question has its place...:))
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    thanks! I will look into this.. I like :)
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    the site was originally designed to sell a bunch of carefully-selected stuff..but I think I will remake it into a fully-fund-oriented one....
  9. dima777


    yep...putting a cool picture of a smiling person on the front page was my original idea...but later it fade away....
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    please do check my calculators:

    learn>>forexhit forex course>>money management system

    I have one more question:

    3) Do you think the site content should be updated if the fund will trade not only the currencies?

    Thanks for your time!

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