Please bringTimothy back

Discussion in 'Trading' started by congoboy, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. congoboy


    Please leave Timmy alone. Bring him back. He is tyring to do his best, why are you people bothering him. He has been through so much. I am really upset over this. It has really hurt me.

    Timmy is like a trading god to us, please stop poking fun at him. He is only trying to make a name for himself. what wrong has he done? All you guys have done is mock him and try to spoil his confidence.

    Most of you people will not achieve anything anyway, why are you getting in the way to him making it for himself. I hate you guys. I hate Bob Rowshman especially. just wait and watch you guys,Timmy will be back.

    I have posted a video of me cryingon youtube, pleading to leave Timmy alone.
  2. Yeah Timmy man... I'm short 100 barrels of ET snakeoil and without Timmy's endless offers of snakeoil... I'll have to cover my position in the market and get squeezed.
  3. Yeah come on back Tim. I even have a solution for u to get into that interview they dissed u on:

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" title="The Image Hosting" /></a>
  4. ggoyal


    where is it on youtube?i would like to see ur crying black face
  5. spinoza


    Timmay is a "man of his word", and has promised to leave ET. Go to his website/blog if you need his "deep insight/BullShip".
  6. Yes, please do.