Please bond vigilantes stop our insane gov't now

Discussion in 'Economics' started by piggie2000, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. The only hope for the usa to stop this gov't from destroying us with unlimited debt is for the bond viglilantes to demand 7-10% interest. please save our country from these madmen who now want to foregive underwater mortgages
  2. piezoe


    Yes Piggie. But They are not forgiving those mortgages to help the mortgagees so much as they are too help those who hold those bad loans. You will see, compared to foreclosure, the banks will come out rather better.
  3. Fed Funds at 0% and mortgages at 10%! Damn! I'm in the wrong business! :eek:
  4. Illum


    Me today in long tbt.

    "These idiots, ugh. Yes the banks are buyin the hell out of 2yr, they don't want to lend. It doesn't mean buy 20 yr stoopid aholes!! Damn you people are so stupid."

    Close for a loss....

    hmm.. who was the dumb one?

    I'm not ready to call myself an idiot just yet, well ok .... maybe I am, I mean.. come on. But anyway, I will let these morons buy in the 20 on strength in the 5 yr tomorrow. Someone is missing some brain cells, I will wait and see who it is, ummm ok?

    sons of bit%#s