Please ban ZZZzzzzzzz. He debases every thread in which he participates.

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Thunderdog, Jan 17, 2008.

Please ban ZZZzzzzzzz. He debases every thread in which he participates.

  1. Yes, I agree.

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  2. No, I do not agree.

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  1. Enough said.

    Oh, as an aside, does anyone agree with me? Please vote.
  2. Already 2 votes disagreeing that ZZZzzzzzzz should be banned? I didn't know that ZZZzzzzzzz had 2 handles on ET. I suppose it is not surprising, though. ZZZzzzzzzz gets banned under one handle and then promptly returns with another, and it's business as usual. And that happens again and again. He gets banned, he comes back with a new name. And so it goes. It makes you wonder whether ET's administration is daft or whether it lacks the integrity to enforce its own code of conduct. Either way, it doesn't reflect very favorably.
  3. One of those “no”votes was mine.
    There's nothing Z does that others don't do also. Shall we also ban hapaboy and ddoo, and rcan? I say no.

    We all have a choice to respond to what somebody else writes. And a choice to not respond. It's not up to big brother (ET) to attempt to protect us from opinions and or just plain bullsht.

    Being your own boss is tough sometimes.
  4. Kindly review all of ZZZzzzzzzz's responses in the following thread:

    If you still support ZZZzzzzzzz after reading his posts there, and do not regard him as engaging in blatant subversion, then I hope you two find true happiness together in your mutual "freedom of expression."
  5. Relapse is tough to deal with sometimes.

    I wish you the best.
  6. Thanks for the sentiment. Perhaps when you can spare a moment from engaging in your sophistry, you may wish to consider whether you are just another high-concept asshole yourself.
  7. hcour

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    He's no more annoying than that idiot that calls himself Jesus, who may be the single most irritating person ever to put word to screen in the entire history of the internet. If I knew the right people I'd gladly pay to have him killed, unfortunately he'd just be back again in 3 days.

    Hey, what're ya gonna do?

  8. I think zz is fine here as long as he knows his boundaries, meaning that he is not allowed to post out of the rel/pol forum. Not that anybody pays him attention outside of his own sandbox anyway.
  9. But he was banned before, repeatedly, and he keeps coming back. He keeps lurking in the twilight of the undead. If he was banned before, and we all know he's back with a new handle, then why is he permitted to remain? What, then, was the point of banning him in the first place? And if he continues to conduct himself in exactly the same manner that got him banned before, then why has he not been banned again for that same conduct? Either way you look at it, ET's policy is inconsistent and uneven. Where's the follow-through?
  10. You're in luck, the search function isn't working just now.

    I was referring to the last time you freaked out about Z, and "quit" ET.
    Something about your inability to stay away from chit chat. Remember?
    It was about a year ago.
    #10     Jan 17, 2008