Please ban TROLL BernardRichards

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Code7, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. Code7


    The whole point of his ET activity is to provoke others with his racist and religious insults.

    A troll if I ever saw one.
  2. Well it looks like your not making any friends.
  3. If we ban him for being a troll, we'll have to ban all the trolls in that forum.
  4. Code7


    He advocates mass murder of civilians, even children, and everyone who disagrees with him is "anti-Semitic". Clearly shows how this Arab- and Muslim-hating troll is sick in the head. I think he's not just a troll, that's also a violation of your Conduct Rules.

    He even complained in two threads he created about the deletion of this garbage and called morganist a biased ally brown shirt in the process:

    I understand there are other trolls on ET but I think there is a line crossed here.
  5. hughb


    Did the ignore feature break down?
  6. byteme


    Bernard has been allowed to post this stuff for months.

    Why would now be any different?

    People who post anti-Israel material are banned.
    People who post anti-Arab/Muslim material are not banned.

    Why? Because the powers that be obviously believe one of those viewpoints is correct and the other one isn't.

    It isn't the "politically correct" forums - it's the politics and religion forum: ET member conduct rules do not apply.
  7. I had to read this post a few times before I figured out it wasn't a joke, but then I saw your join date. Maybe you really are fairly new and haven't been using multiple usernames.

    The Anti-Semites have had a free run of this place for years, and until sometime last year, all you would see in P & R were posts about how Jews drink the blood of children. I didn't know what Anti-Semitism was until I joined this website. There have been multiple headcases who have been allowed to rejoin under 50 different usernames, each time for the sole purpose of posting Anti-Semitic garbage in P & R.

    Along with the freak jobs who never get to more than 50 posts, there are several guys here with thousands of posts who make no bones about their dislike for Jews.

    Let's try to keep it real, shall we?
  8. byteme


    OK, thanks for the input. So, you're aware of people being banned for anti-Arab/anti-Muslim content before?

    Thats good to know. Just re-inforces the point that banning is completely arbitary and the ET member conduct rules do not apply.

    I used to find Bernard entertaining but it's become a bit old recently. He needs a new mission. Just my opinion though.
  9. I wonder if I went to an actual message board on politics and religion maybe someone would be discussing the stock market.

    Hey guys, get it through your dense skulls. This board, "EliteTrader", is about gaming the markets. It is NOT about Politics and Religion. Let me say that again, this messageboard is NOT about Politics and Religion.

    The ONLY REASON why the Politics and Religion section exists is so as to filter out that subject matter from the trading related sections.

    If you come to this site just for the Politics and Religion section then you have a serious LACK of priorities and the admin here would be doing you a favor by banning your ip address. There are plenty of sites where you can discuss those topics, but why you come here to a stock message board to discuss Israel or Iran is beyond me. Maybe by banning your ip then you would go ahead and find a board that will discuss your topics.

    If I might politely request, can we get back to looking for real trades and gaming the markets rather then discuss some topic that is TOTALLY UNRELATED to the message board?
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