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    Here are two scenarios to solve the current economic crisis. Of these 2 scenarios which one would you choose? What would the economic impact of either situation be?

    a) Cut taxes for corporations based on incentives to hire people, meaning if a company hires someone on at a certain rate, they get a tax cut which reflects the cost of the employee being hired. Corporations get a tax subsidy based on the amount they are paying the newly found employee a year.

    b) Raise taxes on corporations and give handouts to people who do not work, or make enough money to pay their living expenses. Increase the size of government while the tax base shrinks. Give money away to people who do not make money.

    Of the 2 scenarios which one do you choose. Which one do you think is sustainable? What do you think the economic impact of either scenario will be? I am eagerly awating intelligent replies.

    Please answer A, or B and explain the logic.
  2. wrong and wrong.

    get jobs back from china and mexico.
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    Does that mean you choose A or B, i can only assume based on your response that you are an avid B supporter.
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    No one is willing to take a stance?
  5. "A" is pointing in the right direction...

    "B" will lead to disaster... bankruptcy for nearly all Americans. Why can't people see that? :mad: :mad:
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    Fact of the matter is that for all the liberals we have frequenting these forums there isnt a single one who will come out and try to justify "B" they know as well as everyone else that it leads to disaster, yet that is the current state of affairs we are dealing with.
  7. Neither of these 2 options alone will solve the current economic crisis.Many factors can make either fail

    The dumb ass who preceded Obama heavily cut taxes on the rich and you see where that got us