please answer my questions mods

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  1. insert


    Hi guys (mods) hows it going.............. good........ that's good

    hey listen please answer me

    AM I allowed to have a thread that invites traders to pay me for mentorship

    is that a big deal or not

    because someone erased my thread
  2. I didn't see your thread, but I would venture to guess that if you had a thread and it's now gone... the answer is right there. :confused:
  3. TGregg


    Not unless you are a sponsor. EliteTrader is free for users, but does cost money to operate. Baron gets that money from folks who pay for the advertising on this web site. It works great, users get to use it for free, advertisers support the site with a tiny percentage of the business they get here.

    Now imagine if you were one of the sponsors who support this site and keep it free for users. Part of your profits go to EliteTrader. Then comes somebody who advertises their service, but they don't pay anything for it. Not very fair, eh?

    The reason EliteTrader is free for users is because this is an advertiser supported medium, just like radio, television, newspapers, etc. It would be very unfair to let some people advertise their service at no cost, but require others to support EliteTrader to advertise theirs.

    You'd have to talk to Baron, but I bet he'd cut you a pretty good deal for advertising.
  4. how much mods make?
  5. TGregg


    We get all the spam we can eat. ;)
  6. are ET mods liberals?

    if you really don't get renumeration for your effort, was it the tough choice b/w the peace corp or ET moderator? :D
  7. TGregg


    That's me. I'm as liberal as they come. You should check out my thread in P&R:

    <A href="">In Their Own Words</a>.