Please, advise a reliable broker

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    Hello! Please advise me a good and reliable stocks broker.
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    it depends what kind of trading you expect to do.
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    MF Global?
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    Okay, just to get real for a second:
    1) As you're from Latvia, that's a security-of-operations question for which I have no answers. The place I would go is,
    I would inquire as to whether and to how much, are trading/investment accounts insured? By what company/regulatory body? Is there an E.U. connection?
    2) If you can get satisfactory answers to these questions, then you go to zdreg's response -- being that the 'best' broker for you depends on what you're intending to do in the market. Being as you are (presumably) a newb, then,
    3) It doesn't matter. Sign up anywhere, and get your feet wet. Find how what you like to do, find out how you like to interact with the market. Find out the kind of platform you prefer. A year from now, expect to be looking again, with a lot more information about 1) security and 2) intended trading.

    Best Wishes!
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    Don't open the IB account this morning. Customer service chat and Acct mgmt are both down.
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    Lightspeed Trading. I think they are excellent for stocktraders. And with Robert Morse on board, you cannot go wrong.
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    It makes a lot of sense, man. If trader already knows what trading strategy shall be allowed and what currency pair are available there, then it's better to google some brokers that fits your preference. o_O
    At the same time, you can just focus on Forex Broker offering almost all strategy varieties with hundreds of currency pairs including cryptos. In such case, will be more than ok.
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  10. I know this broker and totally agree with you
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