Please advice on video card purchase

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by FreakofNature, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. I need to buy one video card that can handle 4 DVI/HDMI LCDs and its also decent for gaming.

    Its important that it's only one card and not two.

    Thank you VERY much for your help
  2. What is your budget? What about nvidia nvs 420?
  3. Just checked its price, about 450 USD

    Looks good though, exactly what I asked

    Thank you sir.
  4. Galaxy 56NGH6DH4TTX GeForce GTX 560 MDT Video Card

    Check out MDT series video cards. MDT GT210 is fanless, and may not good for game.
  5. 180 USD for that one

    That is less than half than the one suggested earlier.

    Any performance quality comparison so i can make an educated decision before i order please?

    Thank you much for taking the time, you both very kind to have replied to help.
  6. You can pick up a NVS 420 pretty cheap on eBay (like $135) so I bet you could get the other one cheap too.

    I'm a big fan of cheap ebay video cards.
  7. Checked Ebay for the NVS 420 saw many from Dell, good enough or go with the most expensive PNY?

    Thank you
  8. nvs cards are not close to decent for gaming. ^^^