Please, adjust the First Lady's medication....

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  1. VIDEO: Laura Bush Sets All-Time Record, Flip-Flops in Just 25 Seconds

    Yesterday in an interview with CNN’s John King, First Lady Laura Bush said “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with singing [the national anthem] in Spanish.” King then reminded the First Lady that her husband said the national anthem should only be sung in English. She quickly reversed her position, telling King “I think it should be sung in English, of course.” Just 25 seconds had elapsed since her first answer. Watch it:
  2. She is skeeered of Dumbya :D
  3. Wow! A lib complaining of flip-flopping! We can now include Mrs. Bush in the same league as Kerry, Gore, Lieberman, Gephardt, etc. etc. etc. YAWN...
  4. Turn off the right wing whacko radio shows and think for yourself.


  5. I don't listen to right wing whacko radio. I do however hear quotes such as "I voted for the war, before I voted against it". LOL! How many issues did Lieberman flip-flop on when he became a running mate? etc...etc... etc... Sorry, don't have time to list a million quotes today. Point being, I do think and observe for myself. You?
  6. I really dont know why this is so hard for people to understand.
    Yes Kerry voted for the war then voted against it. Do you really think it is that cut and dried?

    He voted yes to use force against Saddam Hussien. He then voted no to the spending bill to fund the war when the bill that was presented to him was also filled with a ton of pork for special interest projects.

    Like it matters. Kerry lost and Bush won. Get over it and move on.
  7. maxpi


    I am going to listen to left wing wacko radio for awhile then I can claim to be a free thinker.
  8. The problem is, both Dumbyas are traitors. Just trying to outdo each other.
  9. (Yep, that medication is doing just fine for the First Stepford Lady, apparently she even doubts the FOX News poll numbers....)

    Laura Bush doesn't believe bad polls
    Sun May 14, 2006 10:33 AM ET

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - First lady Laura Bush said on Sunday she does not believe opinion polls showing her husband's approval ratings at record low levels.

    Interviewed on Fox News Sunday, Laura Bush said she did not think people were losing confidence in President George W. Bush, despite a series of polls showing support for him at its lowest point in his five-year presidency and among the lowest for any president in the past 50 years.

    "I don't really believe those polls. I travel around the country. I see people, I see their responses to my husband. I see their response to me," she said.

    "As I travel around the United States, I see a lot of appreciation for him. A lot of people come up to me and say, 'Stay the course'."

    Many recent polls have put Bush's job approval rating below 35 percent. One, the Harris poll, published last Friday, measured his approval at 29 percent, the first time any survey has put his support below the 30 percent mark. Two other polls published last week put his job approval at 31 percent.

    In a separate interview on ABC's "This Week," Laura Bush said her husband's popularity was suffering because the country had been through a difficult year.

    We've had a very, very difficult year, starting with the hurricane last September, but already because of the terrorist attack in 2001 and then the war on terror since then," she said. "He's the one that has to make the hard decisions. And, of course, they don't please everyone."

    Mrs. Bush complained that when her husband's popularity was high, newspapers did not put that on the front page. Now it was low, they took great delight in highlighting the fact.

    Asked if she thought the media had been unfair, Mrs. Bush said: "No, I don't think it's necessarily unfair. I think it's just, you know, I think they may be enjoying this a little bit."

  10. Exactly, that is the right way to conduct a sound statistical sampling... :D :D :D
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