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    Hey All,

    This site is sorely lacking a Fixed Income Forum.

    - The Fixed Income market is the 800lb gorilla in the world. Encompassing US Treasury Bonds (Bills, Notes, Bonds, TIPS, STRIPS), Foreign bonds (UK Gilt, German Bund, China), Credit, Rates, CDS, IRS, Repo, and a host of other instruments) is the largest market in the world, totaling more than Mortgages, U.S. Equities, and Gold markets combined:
    | MARKET                     | VALUE |
    | Fixed Income               | 100T  |
    | Mortgage-Backed Securities | 33T   |
    | U.S. Equities              | 31T   |
    | Gold                       | 14T   |
    Perhaps only rivaled by Gold, The Fixed Income markets are basically "ground 0" for markets worldwid. When "investors get jittery" the money flows into fixed income.

    - Specifically the US Dollar and Treasury bonds. When Uncle Sam is displeased with the economic situation, what do they do? Monetary policy. They mess with interest rates, which ripples through markets worldwide. For example our second-favorite commodity, Oil, is priced in dollars... enforced by the Pentagon. And where does the rubber meet the road when it comes to the value of the U.S. dollar? Fixed Income.

    - Two behemoth numbers in this world: The Federal Funds rate and LIBOR are largely fixed-income metrics.

    - There is a TON of info on the US 10y T note alone. It can tell us a lot about what's going on in the markets.
    - Need I mention the yield curve?
    - How about corporate debt? Ever think about how we know all sorts of info about Equites: Market cap, shares oustanding, P/E ratio, etc., but how much do we know about a Ticker's corporate debt; bonds that they've issued and must service? It's much harder to obtain info about this, and it's VERY IMPORTANT. They might be showing a nice move in their equity price, but if they're up to their eyeballs in debt it can be very dangerous to be on them.

    I could go on and on... please don't make me beg anymore.

    Can we please add a Fixed Income sub-forum to this site?

    I have stuff that I want to talk about. I have evidence that the yield curve is (surprise) being propped up by Government intervention. I believe that it's much further inverted that what we're seeing... but there's no good place to post about it.

    If we can get some intelligent discussion going in the ET FI forum, it will attract institutional bond traders to the site. They look everywhere for market insights. Furthermore, if nothing else, it would be a great place for people to learn about Fixed Income Instruments; get the basics of each game, and how it affects the markets on the whole.

    I am not a bond trader, but I am able to administrate of this sub-forum if needed.


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  2. Oil is priced in $? You don't say? Dude, you couldn't balance a checkbook.
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