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    Ok folks, a plea. Pls help. Thanks.

    I've been looking very hard for some indicators/system that can help me predict change in trend/continuation in trend and the trend's strength for both intraday and daily. I've pretty much look at the standard indicators (eg: ADX, RSI, Williams %, BB etc) and some of the esoteric ones (eg: ichimoku etc) but to no avail. I've even tried coming out with ideas/concepts but have drawn a blank. Hence, the plea.

    Most likely the 'indicator/system' will be based on algorithm and support/resistance, highs/lows etc. (I'm currently not looking for indicators that show divergence as it is too subjective for me at the moment although I may look at it in the future). I will also need to understand the 'concept' and logic (am willing to research on this), thus this rules out any advisory selling their services.

    My request here is that for those of you who use indicators or are system traders, can you give a hint (either in this thread or pm me) what I should be looking for. It can be in the form of ideas (such as indicator calculated based on swing high/low) or some indicators that I should look for. I realise that ultimately the indicator/system that I use will be custom made and complex to take into account the different scenarios and to detect quickly the change in trend.

    I'm open to whatever suggestions (whether it is used in forex, futures, stocks or commodities).

    PS :
    For those of you who are going to suggest looking at price and/or volume only-- I do use it and it is currently my primary strategy. However, I do believe that I need to find something that is 'indicator/system' based which would help me grow in my trading career.

    For those who just want to flame, please refrain from doing so. Moderators, pls feel free to delete these posts.

    C'mon folks. Lend a helping hand here. Thanks

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    Kindly stop posting in this thread. I've already mentioned that anybody who wants to flame or write these type of comments are not welcome.

    Whoever who cannot contribute productively, I repeat ignore this thread. If you are unable to ignore this shows that you have weak resolve.

    If possible, kindly delete batman28's post. Thanks.

    Thanks for the contribution

  5. how old are you? look if you're very young, like 13-15, ill take it back. but if you're older, my friend, go write this down, you'll only make something of your life once you can handle others criticisms. don't act like a child. I'm giving you good advice. it'll make u better than just getting "hints". trust me on that.

    I have no problem at all with anyone who wishes to dicuss indicators and learn etc.. but to literally beg for hints is just ignorant. if you don't already know the indicator that works for you, even if you're given one you won't know how to use it. oh, I suppose you'd then just beg everyone to send u a cheque.
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    Ebo and Batman28,

    LOL. When I wrote the comments, I was just thinking of keeping the thread short and civil. That means no nonsense in it. However, both of you took it to mean that I cannot handle criticism or do not know what I'm asking about.