PLEA: candletrader desperate for friends

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FRuiTY PeBBLe, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. From his signature, which will probably soon change:
    I guess people don't like to listen to his nonsense offline either. :-/

    Boycott his stupid polls in protest of his stereotypical, anti-American, bullshit. :mad:

  2. Ever since we started this war, you will see I have supported our soldiers...


    Anyways, the USA is highly likely to very soon get a taste of its own evil medicine... and the civilized world will tell the USA that it got precisely what it deserved... hahah!!! ROFL!!

    The USA remains an object of hate for the world... and yet we continue create more reasons for people to hate us...

  4. Great; that's not the point. You're totally annoying. Every day you start 3 polls stereotyping Americans in a way that is not even remotely accurate.

    Example: the poll you started today re: Iraqi soldiers that surrender. You list the following poll choices:

    "Shoot em
    Throw em into the oil wells
    Send em to Guantanemo Bay for 10 years
    Free em, after cutting their hands off"

    Get real. That's not how most Americans think at all. I feel PROUD of America when I see our soldiers treating Iraqi soldiers that surrender humanely. I don't know one American that desires to cut the hands off an Iraqi soldier that surrenders. WHERE DO YOU GET OFF LISTING THOSE CHOICES FOR A POLL, ANNOYING ?!

    I'm your new worst nightmare.

    F. "Pissed-off" PeBBLe :mad:

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  5. Well, as I mentioned elsewhere about every village having its village idiot and that it is probably only to be expected that each
    website has its website idiot.

    The problem is that here on the Elite Trader site we have at least TWO i.e. Msfe and Mr Scum.

    The question is that TWO is at least one too many.

    So perhaps we ought to have a poll to determine which of these two is the most obnoxious and should therefore be barred or, at the most, be placed onto a waiting list until the 'elected' one disappears.

    How does one organise a poll ?

  6. I wouldn't want to ban anyone. candletrader can state his absurd beliefs. However, I can also point out what an idiot he is. Maybe if enough of us show our dislike for him, people will ignore him and he'll shut up. As for msfe, does anyone really read what he posts anyway?!

  7. I find most of candle's posts hilarious, don't think you guys should take everything so seriously perhaps.
  8. Yeah, hysterical.

    F. P.

  9. what's the point... he doesn't even reply to ya..

    what a schmuk
  10. Thanks for the message of support Brother zentrader...
    #10     Mar 23, 2003