playoff predictions

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  1. Cinci @ Texas Cinci 21 Houston 14

    Lions @ NO NO 38 Lions 10

    Atlanta @ NYG Atlanta 24 NYG 10
    Steelers @ Broncs Steelers 24 Broncs 3
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    Cin@tex Cinci 24 Hou 13
    Lions @ NO NO 41 Lions 24
    ATL @ NYG NYG 24 Atl 14
    Steelers @ Tbow Steelers 27 TBow 10(defensive TD)

    Note: I am the worst handicapper known to man
  3. anyone else have a line on the PO's?
  4. You got the Cincy and Atlanta games wrong. ATL won't win on the road in NY and a rookie qb won't win a playoff game for Cincy. Book it.
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    No predictions?
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    I'm a little late to this since the SF-NO game is in the 4Q (SF 20 NO 17, 13 minutes left) but I think all 4 home teams will win.

    SF 23 NO 17
    NO is terrible on the road for a 13-3 team. They've only beaten 2 good teams on the road this year -- Atlanta in OT with that idiotic 4th & 1 call by Atlanta @ the their own 29 and Tennessee with a backup quarterback (Jake Locker).

    NE 31 Denver 24
    Patriots over Broncos. I like Tebow but I doubt the Broncos D can hold the pats to less than 28.

    Baltimore 21 Houston 10
    Ravens over Texans. Not enough offense from a 3rd string QB. I doubt the Texans D can stop Ray Rice.

    GB 35 NY 21
    Packers over Giants. Too much offense from GB and the Giants D is not that great although they have played well in the last 3 weeks (vs. Jets, Dallas & Atlanta).