Playing to the reptilian brain...

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  1. Strategists deliberately try to stir up rage among average Americans, calculating that it's much easier to push a political movement if it's deeply frightened than if it's entirely hopeful. "We're playing to the reptilian brain rather than the logic centers, so we look for key words and images to leverage the intense rage and anxiety of white working-class conservatives," the consultant writes. "In other words, I talk to the same part of your brain that causes road rage."
  2. Yes, it's those evil working white people again!! Aren't they always the culprit???

    It's time we start idealizing the worthy virtues of the non working, and most importantly non white elements of society!!

  3. From your article: "It was not an angry crowd, and in all candor I never heard a racist word uttered."

    Thanks for verifying your position... LOL!!
  4. Perhaps there has been one in the past couple of decades, but I do not remember a single conservative demonstration that featured violence. I don't remember a single incident in which conservatives shouted down an invited liberal or marxist speaker at a university, for example. I don't recall any incidents where a liberal or marxist or worse was prevented from giving a graudation address by protests. I can't recall any incidences where a liberal or marxist had their comments at a high school graduation censored for political correctness. I don't recall any non white school kids being sent home or disciplined because their dress offended some white kid or his parents.

    I can remember dozens, probably hundreds of incidents where liberal demonstrations turned into riots or near riots, with innocent bystanders assaulted, property destroyed, police assaulted and looting taking place. All in the name of "rage' or "anger" or some such justification.

    Conservatives have to show up with bodyguards to campus functions or risk assaults. Of course, the same administrators who would summarily suspend students for some PC infraction do nothing. Scheduling a prominent conservative to give a graduation speech is almost a guarantee that some loudmouth group of radicals will start a protest and try to censor what others can hear. Ineffectual high shcool administrators cannot even guarantee the safety of students but they expend all sorts of resources to censor any religious expression by students at graduation.

    According to the media, the left is compassionate, caring and nonviolent, and the right is seething with hate, anger and violence. And they wonder why no one bothers to read them anymore.
  5. When it comes to policy that is mostly true imo
  6. When it comes to reality that is mostly bullshit. LOL!!!


  7. The left is compassionate, caring and nonviolent

    Health care to All Americans
    Civil rights act
    Ending of slavery etc

    The right is seething with hate, anger and violence.

    Trying to deny healthcare to millions of Americans

    Iraq war

    The biggest hate group in American history was a bunch of southern conservatives who hated blacks and jews(Many southern conservatives currently have the same views)

    Southern conservatives started the civil war in order to keep human beings as slaves

    Hates blacks,Latinos,Gays
  8. As a devoted listener of right wing hate talk radio, you must be in complete denial about conservative hate talk radio shows not shouting down liberal callers.

    Shouting down liberals is the constant fare of Fox News shows like Beck, Hannity, etc.

    Violent acts of right wingers include flying a plane into a building.

    Timothy McVeigh was essentially a teabagger at heart.

  9. You get an "F" in history class...

    The republicans supported civil rights. Democrats pushed segregation and Jim Crow laws.

    The confederacy were democrats, the republicans started the war against the democrats who wanted to nationalize.

    Republicans won the war and ended slavery.

    Social security- Eisenhower ( republican)

    Interstate system- Eisenhower (republican)

    LOL!!! dot takes a nose dive once again.

    Is this really what it's come to for the left wingers?? Do they now have to falsely claim credit for the accomplishments of the republicans in order to lay claim to any accomplishments at all??? LOL!!!!!

  10. In the comments you responded to, you didn't prove them false.

    You went to republican/democrat, the poster discussed liberal and conservatives.

    The right wing conservatives in the south were democrats for quite some time following the efforts of a republican to abolish slavery, and then in modern times the same conservatives changed their party to republican.

    Just like a dirty football player who plays for one team is traded to a different team, the different team and uniform don't change the man's insides.

    The southern conservatives are now registered republicans, card carrying right wingers...even though their forefathers were democrats. They didn't change their minds or their hatred, they just embraced a different political party that spoke their language.

    The language of IKE was not the language of extremist right wing like Goldwater and his followers in the John Birch Society...

    So you get a F for a logically fallacious argument...

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