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  1. I want to get into the speed game. 2 ways I know how to increase the speed are....

    1) Faster Quotes
    2) Faster time your order goes to the exchange

    For faster quotes you just rent out a server in a data center that is w/ in close proximity to the exchange.

    But how do you increase the time it takes for your orders to go live? I've noticed with some platforms like Sterling it can take a while. Are you suppose to use other platforms? I'm not really sure in this area.

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    You need a broker built for speed, eg. Genesis or Lime

    A broker with Sterling is probably catering to point and click traders.
  3. can I ask you this.
    Does the clearing firm you are associated with affect the speed. Basicially what I'm asking is if you are w a prop firm that uses laser but clears through something other than genesis is that going to affect the speed?

    I'm wondering if I can trade prop use laser, clear another clearing firm and co lo at genesis or do I have to trade retail @ genesis
  4. highly efficient code.


    i'm going to give you a reality check: if you have to ask these questions, you're not going to be playing the 'speed game' in the foreseeable future. i'd give you 2+ years out before you had anything resembling game speed-wise, which is being very generous.
  5. Do you have $5k/month to spend?

    Before considering the speed game consider what strategies you are going to trade. You are choosing to get into an arms race against the best and the brightest with more capital than most of ET put together.

    The space is crowded and competitive and any edge you think will work has already been boxed 5 years ago.

    To put things in perspective with best-case examples, Sterling can give you fills in 20-120ms depending on a few variables. Genesis states they fill in the 1-5 millisecond range (20-100x faster than Sterling). Lime says they fill in the 5-10 microsecond time frame (1000 micro in a milli) so that's 1000x faster than Genesis and 10k times faster than Sterling.

    Keep in mind that even at Lime the nano guys are going to be 500-1000 times faster... Its a legit arms race, are you sure you can afford to play?
  6. Anyone knows what is minimum account balance at lime?
  7. How about the report back?