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  1. What's the best way to play the QQQ's? Never played with them before so not sure exactly how to go about placing a good position.
  2. Buy them. Take nap. Count money.
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    IF you want to make more money on buying the NDX 100 go for QLD its an ETF that moves 2X what the NDX 100 does. If the ndx is up 2% this moves up 4% if the NDX drops 1.5% QLD drops 3%. It does involve more risk but in a bull run like we have had you can make twice as much than buying QQQQ.
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    some people buy Qs on the 1st of every month, and hold them forever.

    some people buy Qs on every dip.
    e.g. buy when Q is below 200MA and just when it crosses above 50MA. And hold. They don't know how to get out.

    some people trade Qs on 30min MACD oscillation, with confirmation from the Stochastic Slow oscillation. You get out on every oscillation.
  5. I don't see much to count, other than perhaps your naps.

    Attached is a chart of the last 150 days peformance. Yep, 1.5% net. I'm being kind. You wanna see 200? 400? 1000?

    Oh, oh, you mean more recently. Well, the 20 day average true range is a whopping 58 cents. Relative to the present price of $41ish corresponds to 1.4% daily volatility.

    You'll need some position size to make a lick assuming you get the direction right.

    Relax, it's liquid. Tight spread. Plenty of volume. Most days beyond 100 million. Lots of company, so you won't be lonely.

    You wanna be more specific on what you count?
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  6. WHAT?

    You didn't like my chart? Poor choice of colors? Histograms not dramatic enough? No candles? No trendlines?

    Are you being coy? You're never at a loss of words any other time.

    Let's see, 1. contrary to the catchy TV ads, QQQQ is not a good investment.

    2. It's not a good day trade unless you want to put on $70,000 to get a grand (assuming a trend day and/or correction direction).

    3. That leaves swing trades.

    Attached is a chart. Again, 150 days. Closes only for simplicity. Looks to me like approaching negative divergence. In the mean time, 5 points in 3 months. Whoa.

    Again, you wanna be more specific on what YOU count? Or how you count it? In pesos? You're ability to take naps isn't in question.
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    if you want buy QID, its an inverse ETF that moves 2X what the NDX 100 does, if the NDX is down QID is up and vice versa. Forget QQQQ, it barely moves like it used to, i think there is a little too much hype behind QQQQ.

    I have tunred bearish and am long QID at the moment.
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    I had no idea there were so many alternative QQQ ETFs... ETFs for ETFs??? LOL. This is the type of insanity that will cause the next Crash. :eek:
  9. S2007S


    keep saying that, ALL I TRADE ARE ETFs. There are only 300 of them, plenty of room for growth, forget mutual funds, all those 12-b1 fees ripping people off, ETFs carry little or no expense fees and can be traded all day long just like a stock. They dont need a minimum amount and most can be shorted. Why take the risk buying one stock, when you can buy an ETF that is diversified.

    This WILL NOT cause the next crash.

    More ETFs are coming to the market daily. Expect over 600 by 2007 and 1000++ by 2008.

    Proshares did one of the largest filings ever, 66 NEW ETFS. Let the fun begin.