Playing The Forex Boom

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    Levi Strauss made a fortune during the California gold rush and he never found a single nugget. Instead, he sold jeans to all the other fools looking for gold.

    As Levi had no intention to dig for gold I have no intentions to learn Forex trading but I can't ignore it's growing popularity. Therefore, what do you think would be the best long term play on the forex boom?

    Assuming the play would be a broker or an exchange, which ones are in a position to make the most profit off the boom?
  2. Just my opinion.

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    but the fragmented forex market is expecting some change soon, such as the Reuters/CME standardized quotes stage.
  3. You want to "clean up"? Get involved in money laundering!
  4. A true ECN. Unfortunately, CME will be first to market.
  5. Dudes listen to the original poster. Do what Levi did. Don't actually *trade* forex, just sell things to those who do:

    1) Courses
    2) Signals
    3) E-books
    4) Newsletters
  6. You forgot amulets :p
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    do the same thing for the interest rates market. give retail investors accessibility to something like
  8. open a bucket shop similar to Oanda, and rape people on the spread.
  9. Give people a billion to one margin.
  10. Hey that's a good idea. I'll start selling Forex amulets on e-bay! They'll be like little $$$ blings!
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