Playing the C Lottery

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  1. Another extremely educated ET post.
    Do you have any actual basis for this or are you just throwing numbers around. I think C is going to 52,000 next week.

    This board is unbelieveable.
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  2. Pray to Lord Gamblor. You are going to need it.
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  3. gobar


    will see who is right in 2011..
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  4. The OP is basically flat after 3 months. I am opening a position now too. Look at today. Nearly 1 billion shares traded and hardly a move. This thing has been range bound for months.


    The gov't is still unloading their massive position in an orderly fashion. Once their selling stops I bet we see this in the double digits in 2011.

    Too much selling pressure right now. $4 will be a bargain when this thing goes up. It certainly isn't going to go down and languish there forever.
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  5. do you understand that $11 will represent 50% higher market cap comparing to 2007?
    do you really beleive bankrupt company can cost that much?
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  6. Do you really believe a market can be as inflated as it is now?
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  7. Citibank has so much debt thats off the balance sheet. In addition, its price of around $3.85ish means its got yearly revenue increase of 15% for 25 years already priced in.

    Why should this stock go to double digits ? Somebody give me a reason. I'd actually love to buy but I dont see a reason to.
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  8. Proud to announce that I bought 520 more shares of C the other day. Holding a nice size position. Now if we can just get to 60.00 :D . I've already been holding this for a year, hell, whats another year or two.
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