Playing the C Lottery

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by lpchad, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. in six months, i think they'll be smelling better than you.
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  2. jem


    Praise the government for what. Spending 13 trillion to save a few banks.

    They could have just handed every american 100 - 300 thousand dollars and or declared an amnesty on mortgages for a year.

    Transferring trillions to China and private banks does not strike me as saving our economy. It just changes the day of reckoning. And how things are reconciled.

    I would prefer if they would stop buying our bonds. It might force our government to balance the budget.
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  3. why can't we see <$2/share during the obvious coming retracement?? :confused:
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  4. you'd be speaking chinese right now if it weren't for MAD.
    wake up.

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  5. don't get in at the top! :eek:
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  6. jem


    Please if it wasn't for our letting them take over some of our industries and export into our markets Japan and Russia would be speaking Chinese.

    The have done a good job... as Japan did 30 -40 years ago. Lets see how China manages going forward.

    But who gives a shit if they sell their dollars. They would lose a ton of principle and our exports would be more competitive. Sort of what Europe is doing now. China would lose its market.

    Their not going to dump dollars in mass. Thats a bullshit threat.
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  7. The USG has to sell another 6 billion shares -- I wouldn't be so sure that C is going anywhere until those are sold. How long you going to wait? It's gonna take more than 6 months.
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  8. this thread is about citibank, not china.
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  9. lol.
    let me get this straight:
    the stock ISN'T going up UNTIL the other 7B shares are SOLD?

    this should be interesting...
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  10. Well price is determined by supply and demand. The supply includes a seller of 6 billion shares who is relatively price insensitive. I wouldn't want to front run a seller who cares more about speed than price. If the USG agreed to sell everything at once at $3.33, then there would be a green light. But it looks like they're going to dribble it out day after day until the buyers are exhausted or the selling is finished, whichever comes first.
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