Playing The Barons Game..

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. I challenge myself to find one investment idea out of each Barons. Sometimes if it's for my bigger account, perhaps a foreign stock or a dividend play, I'll go with the Barons research> but more often than not what I like to do is hope some of my past favorite stocks- the ones I have permanently lodged in my minds computer - are referenced in the barons which will stimulate me to take another look. This week it was tough.

    In the Insider buying highlight Mech Tech was mentioned 2 insiders 145,000 shares. I like alternative energy hydro battery stuff but have been burned before Street.Com 2nd Opinion just went to a buy at $2.25. the 200 day is $2.78 it's been back from the dead for 40% gain this month but no one noticed> real low volume. Will Barons bring in the volume? This may be an incredibly leveraged play from $2.25-$2.75 or a real investment if it can close over $3...
    DDSS OH NO NOT AGAIN Labopharm> I could go on for day here folks I won't I'm ALL TOO familiar with this Canadian outfit and those who push this stock all the time. It's highlighted in the biggest movers: $6.00 plus $1.85 hummm. Added to an index but that seems like OLD news it's probably a BIRD FLUE BET being made and yes we have bird flue in the news again. This stinker has always had the strongest houses behind them> a quick look shows no less than 10 buys up from 6 three months ago. hmmm. Honestly- this stock could and should be $9. This will merit some phone calls monday.
    A questioning of Vertex's value mentions my guy Idenix I already own a bunch I'm slightly underwater could be a buy more situation.
    I remember a really good Marcel pump in Business Week about Document Security Systems DMC- all about protecting documents and money from forgery in the digital age. Never catches volume and started to go down so I stopped tracking it. Decent earnings and it's highlighted by Barons biggest movers up big as well. Small float. 60,000 shares traded pushed it up $1.85. to $11.30
    Finally! A stock i already have in the loading dock awaiting pullback- Spartech SEH. They were named in a list of in Schwab's highest rated stocks- that reinforces my BUY inclination and lets me know it's not overpriced despite a big move! Finally got my $3 worth out of the Barons Game!
    Well, here's the list: MKTY
    WOW what a motley bunch! All but Spartech risky as hell... but we'll track em at the open and let you know if we jump on any. The market pro's tell you to go on out and buy Microsoft & Apple... Stonedinvesting is something quite different.
  2. UPDATE* Well we got a down open which always makes things a little tougher but stonedinvesting never lets a market's direction stop us from making our appointed rounds.
    IDIX up 3% not bad but not forcing us to the buy window either. SEH continues to pull back slightly I'm hoping for a solid $28 and change about another $1 to the downside. DDSS & DMC are flat- they're discarded that leaves us with (of course) the most speculative play MKTY. Gap open on the baron's reporting of inside buys volume aplenty up 8% out of the gate. I look for a 50% retrace in cases like this- and put in an limit order for 3,500 shares at $2.35. up 4%. For a long time the bid stayed about 3 cents away without me being filled. Why not adjust the price? I like to see what the actual hunger for the stock is and what type of buying is occurring. With the Naz down 40 one would think you place a limit order and then just stick to your guns if the market makers get nervous they know where my buy is... finally stated to get partial fills -- that's a good sign it lets me know there's not that much for sale where I want it despite over 200,000 shares trading hands and at 11:30 ish got my 3,500.
    > Now what have I got myself into? Well this is the ultimate LT hand held play: a new type of battery for hand held devices mostly cellular phones that has been shipped to Samsung for testing. Huge market obviously, we can only cross our fingers and hope the testing goes smoothly and if inside management is abreast of any of the early testing results, perhaps that's why they are buying the stock.
    >Walter l Robb has now a total of 253,300 shares after his recent purchase of 135,000 so he basically doubled his position @ $1.81. I like that - no wishy washy 10,000 purchase just so it shows up somewhere as an Insider buy this looks to be real commitment.
    So we have Oct high of $2.00 as support for MKTY. An entry at $2.35 not bad, and if a little good news was to come out, perhaps a big winner... AND that's how we play the Barons game!~ Stoney
  3. Morning after purchase up 4.5%. Not bad when you consider the Naz was down 50. It just goes to show--
    Folks don't get all swamied up about a down market always look for ideas and pick your spots.... SI
  4. HELP! I've been out there all day graciously hanging our MKTY out @ $2.70. Partial fill so far 2800 shares left. There has been a BIG block for the last hour 33,700 shares to buy at $2.67. I know it's just pennies but must I adjust my order to be able to move on here?
    I can't find nearly that amount for sale out there so it would seem if this guy gets filled it would further spike the stock and maybe I should just cancel at this point.
    We anyway we are up more than 13% in 2 days and have made well over $1,000.00. Not bad for our $3 investment and that's why we play the Barons game!

    Play again with me next week!