playing poker again

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  1. one of my daughters is coming to visit for the holidays

    she's a card counter, but obviously not good enough to get banned.

    we were trying to think of something to do, so I suggested we go to the casino

    I told her I didn't want to play any game where the odds are so stacked against me, but I would go down there and play some low stakes poker

    so I started playing again online with play money to get back in shape

    it's amazing how well I am doing just using a few things I picked up since trading forex

    1. think outside of the box (those rules will really mess you up)

    2. don't play against anybody, just your own account

    3. never be afraid to let a guy buy the pot

    4. quit while you are ahead, if you play long enough with a guy that is better than you, he will figure out what you are doing and take all your money from you.

    5. you can make 100% all day long and it won't make much difference. You can only lose 100% once and it will change your whole life.
  2. I just know how I played in the past, and a lot of it has changed

    I no longer feel the need to make top dollar on a good hand
    like it is some sort of rare event that destiny has blessed me with, and I need to finally be agressive on, because this is the break I have been waiting for

    that forex is good for poker playing

    almost everyday, there is an opportunity, but you don't have to go crazy. As a matter of fact, you need to be willing to gamble something of what you have, but more importantly protecting what you have.

    When everything finally gets set up, it isn't much of a gamble. And you make money from someone who thinks the way you use to think.
  3. I hang out with a guy at Starbucks that has made a living at it... I'm trying to teach him options.. he is very interested... of course he is much more interested in directional trading.. but me and him talk poker a lot.... he had me get the book. Holdem for advanced players... good book...
  4. Probably best to teach him how to make money!
  5. I'm not a very good poker player, never have been, really bad at stud where you have to know what everybody else has. It's amazing though how well I am doing now with play money. Just playing it like it is my own account. Doesn't really have that much to do with money management, or strength of hands. Just using some things I have learned about money, greed, and fear.

    Unlike paper trading, which can be be if you treat it right, just like real trading, I doubt other players will play like they do now with play money at the casino when they are playing with real money.

    Mostly, I am just pleased with myself because I can see an improvement. It's been about 5 years since I played any online poker. Back then it was legal and for real money.

    Mostly it is just decisions I will now make, based on what I am still learning in forex, and I realize, years ago I would have gone a different way.
  6. the thing about you is, you have what it takes to make it. You know the value of a dollar, and what it takes to make it oustside of trading, and are not easily fooled.

    You remind me of how I would have been when I was young if I was just a little bit smarter.

    I got fooled a lot. Glad to see kids today don't do that anymore.

    I think about you when I watch that program on cnbc, "Options in Action". And I know you are not stupid enough to buy that crap they are putting out, hook, line and sinker.

    Then I get to thinking, who is? Are they the ones I am trading against?
  7. I seriously never understand you even when your cracking on me...

    Id tell him generate revenue via credit with a service business during a credit bubble/real estate boom until the bubble pops..I would suggest a business that doesn't involve speaking Mexican and shovels..(that's how Ive made my money) credit bubble fluff.. then when that racket implodes fish brainlessly around the derivatives world to see if even an ill educated drug addict can earn..
  8. CNBC is poison... noise...... I used to watch it when I started.. of course every time I hear the word option I would get alert my friends all make fun of me for I would consume anything that had anything to do with it....