Playing football vs. riding a bike

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Pekelo, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Pekelo


    Big Ben is in hospital after having an accident with his bike yesterday. He wasn't wearing a helmet because PA laws changed 2 years ago are not requiring it anymore.

    If you wear a helmet when you play football, don't you want to have one on your bike?

    I mean I am all for free choices, but there is a difference between Joe Blow getting into an accident and somebody,
    whose performance millions' happiness depends on...

    I wear my helmet, but even if I get into trouble, we only need a new dogwalker and not a new quarterback....

    Edit: Shit, he has a Hayabusa. I change my mind. ANYBODY who rides a Hayabusa without a helmet is freaking moron.

    For those who don't know, Hayabusa is the fastest still legal bike on the streets.
  2. maxpi


    Guys that ride motorcycles are not concerned about injuries. I was following a motorcycle over a mountain road home from a date with my wife one saturday evening. We rounded a couple of curves and I did not see the bike's lights anymore so I slowed down and looked and there was the bike lying in the dirt. I got out and found the rider about 20 feet ahead of the bike so I asked him if anything was broken. He got up and went over and inspected the bike and he says "Not that I can see". He had had a few quick drinks, left the party and gotten drunker as he rode, it turned out.

    I drove a tow truck, saw too many injuries to not be concerned personally. I have a plan however. I am keeping up with bike technology and builders, if I get diagnosed with something terminal I am going to run from the doctor's office and get the chopper of my dreams. Until then, fagetaboutit.
  3. It will be interesting to see what happens, might hurt the steelers chances of winning a lot of games and cost Ben a lot of money out of his contract for putting himself in a dangerous situation during the off-season. Just out of curiosity, I was wondering how many people here bet on NFL games or sports in general? I know I do :)

  4. ElCubano


    it could cost him millions...
  5. Pekelo


    Here is a neat trick when betting on sports:

    Always bet AGAINST your favorite team! It is a win-win situation, you either make money or you are happy that your team has won, even though it costed money for you...