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  1. I'm guessing there may be a dice tosser or two in the crowd. I'd like to read some views on reading the table, and your opinions of the casino edge in the short term.
    Such as, what parameters do you use to determine a cold/choppy/hot table?
    It's a given that the casino has the edge over the long haul, but what about the hour or two you're playing? IMO, a good table reader with a decent system for each type of play can actually take the edge away from the casino in the short term, which is all a single game is, short term.
    An example, without giving away the keys to the kingdom:D I've determined the table is cold to choppy. I'd lay the 4 or 10 after the come out roll as an integral part of my betting strategy.
  2. I'm probably ahead a little in craps, but that is because I had a couple good sessions a few years ago.

    Placed the 6-8 (even if one was the point) and used them to fund the 5-9 and even a little on 4-10. Just kept getting hit and pressing. Made about $300-400 I think.

    Doesn't seem like much, but I know the odds and I know I was lucky and I USUALLY try to find a $2 table! Slots o' Fun, Primm, and for a while Silverton was running one $3 table. Hell, it's hard finding a $5 table nowadays.

    Now I just like to play the back line and get a few Don'ts lined up (very slightly better odds than Pass). But I don't like to Lay. Hit a hot table with all those Lay bets and you get killed very fast. But the great thing is that I can at least cheer the shooter on the comeout - Yeah 7! I win all my surviving bets.

    What I'm really doing is killing time and getting drinks (some of those cocktail girls - yowza!), while the wife plays the nickles.

    Sometimes I'll play systems with the Son-in-law. We'll go opposites and Martingale a little. Never win or lose much, but he keeps his rating and freebies coming in the mail (Silverton).

    Certainly, anything can happen in the short term. There is that famous story of Nick the "Greek" that stopped by a craps table one day. Just him and a farm boy type there. First time in LV. The FB put down a dollar and rolled. Hit his number. And proceeded to hit something like 12 passes in a row. Kept $1 down.

    The FB was quite happy to take $12 home to the farm, never realizing he had an epic roll. Nick pressed his way to thousands...

    We've all seen the cold-hot table situations. Table is stacked 3 deep. People are screaming and rolling points. Then, soon, a couple sevens takes down many many dollars. And the people migrate over to another table.

    Sorry for all the rambling nonsense, but what I'm trying to say is it is all just random, with the casino having the longterm edge. How do you scope a table to find which way it will run? No idea. Unless you can ride the tails of a dice mechanic, it's all random imho.

    Still, it's a blast. I just get my free drinks and watch some guys line up 4 racks with black/green. Then watch it slowly dissipate. Don't know how many times I've seen that, while I quitely plunk along on the back line...

    "...I want alll the Hardways and $1 for the dealers!..."

    Regards. :cool:
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    captain obvious is a little reminiscent of the protagonist from Dostoyevsky's The Gambler
  4. Close enough to smell, but not close enough to taste. Perhaps you would say to have taste. Story of my life. You've got me pegged...almost.
  5. Just play the don't, when the point is made, if it is a 4 or 10 then lay odds on the don't.If it is something else, 6 or 8 wait. Simple . Otherwise just place bet the 6 and 8. Simple again.