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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by WDGann, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. I've finally started playing bridge and though I'm a newbie in the bridge game ( I just learned the rules and scoring of the game ).

    It's a fun game... I am a pretty good Hearts player so it was a relative easy with the Playing part. I'm playing in Yahoo! Bridge but any other sites out there?

    Also, who else plays Bridge in ET?

    When or at what level should I start hitting, Bridge Houses???
  2. gaj


    what i'd suggest...

    see if you can find people who want to do it for fun, more so than being competitive. that's the most important part.

    check out - i joined, don't play regularly at all - but each month receive the bulletin, which is outstanding, for free.

    the cost is $35, i believe - and i get that much enjoyment / cost benefit out of the bulletin by itself.

    get some books by bill root, i believe those were the most helpful to me.

    there are a million bidding systems; keep it simple, most beginners over the last 30 years use a 5 card major at the 1 level; some weak 2s, some strong 2s; some blackwood, some roman key card blackwood...

    - bob
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    This is the biggest online bridge site. It may be of interest to you to watch JEC or TBONE.
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    I started playing 51 years ago and love the game. Unfortunately there is no one in my town that plays. I wasn't aware there were sites devoted to bridge. Actually, I never thought about it. Thanks.
  5. The bidding is just like trading...

    I "try" to find the odds of my profitability based on my own hand and try to find the market condition through other's bids.

    There's so much to learn...

    Any recommending books?

    Should I learn to become good at Defensive(Declaring) Plays or Bids, first????

    What's the flow chart for becoming a good Bridge player?

    The game is addictive and very fun... also helps my trading...

    One of the best trading advice (tips), I got in a while!!!
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    It is like trading, you need to find good mentor to teach you. Do not learn from weak hands.

    I learned from our number 1 bridge team in colledge. In 3 months I winned many prize. It does not take much time but you need to learn the right way & have whatever it takes.

    Hope it helps!
  7. P. Niss

    P. Niss

    A college graduate spells it "colledge"? Where did you go to school, Arkansas? LOL!
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    If you have the opportunity, I would join a club where you can benefit from a good instructor,( master level ). I would think it's not quite the same playing on line as live. Being finessed is a real learing experience as are the emotions leading up to it.
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    If I remember correctly, you live in Chicago as do I. Here is a site that will list pretty much everything you will want to know to get started.

    Congratulations on starting down a path that will bring many enjoyable days to your life.

  10. Thanks, intro. I'm hooked from day one...
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