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  1. Excuse me but don’t you belong in Politics & Religion
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  2. ok, I asked too-tough questions.

    Maybe you can tell us about someone you know (your neighbor, co-worker, etc.): how long did it take for him/her to make money? what is the most difficult thing for him/her in trading? forget about "war stories."
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  3. More to the point, what are you doing outside of Chit Chat? Has the ankle bracelet been deactivated? And, not surprisingly, my question remains unanswered.
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    "Successful traders keep there moves a secret and fly beneath the radar. They are low key, and shy away from the spotlight. "

    You seem to have some conflict between what you say and what you do stock.
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  5. Could you please elaborate what you are looking for (or not looking for) in the slope of the moving averages and why it is significant to you?
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