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  1. I will chronicle my trading events here for future reference. I trade from home. I do hold positions overnight. I will take positions before economic data announcements. I do not watch the financial channels during trading hours. I pretty much ignore the main stream media. All my trades are based on technical analysis. I have 10 years of screen time following the index futures. I am a very bad speller and my sentence construction is poor. I dropped out of school in 11th grade got my GED and went to work when I was 17. I’m now 47. I have noting to sell and offer no advice.
  2. Please tell us more about yourself: how long did it take to make money? what is the most difficult thing in trading? "war stories"?
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    Don't run off and hide like you've been doing with your bad trades, stay and face the music for once. Don't just show the few that do work. You sure remind me of stock_trad3r.
  4. I must always remember to login before I return here.
  5. I can't point it out, but that picture of the office...I have seen it somewhere else here in ET :confused:
  6. Well, I must admit that Roman Candle was posting quite credible stuff on ET. So I'm glad we have a thread allocated for this.
    Dear, Roman Candle - since you told us that you do hold positions overnight and before reports it would be just EXCELLENT start if would disclose your current position (LONG/SHORT/CASH would be enough) if you are holding anything tonight.
    The reason I say this is that market is at very rare stage of LESS than ZERO predictability, especially for holding overnight and we have quite important GDP tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance

    Personally I hold some DTO and FAZ overnight
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    Get RoboForm.

    Nice office but how do you watch that TV on the wall from your desk?
  8. Picture of Your Trading Stations maybe, lol.
  9. Divergence
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    So did 10 years of screen time trading buy you that office?
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