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  1. yabz


    I'm going short. Diesel cars are on their way out and vehicle emission control is platinum's biggest industrial use. I am still long gold.
  2. Handle123


    Am long Platinum since late 2015, rollovers, wait for deep retracements to add little more, it is a market don't put on much as spreads in options are wide and lacking size. Am long Copper and Silver and still short Gold. I don't do any fundamentals in long term, too much misinformation in numbers.
  3. maxinger


    Sorry I don't quite understand what you are doing.

    Are you doing day, swing, or position trading or scalping?
    when did you short it?
    If you shorted it in early sept, then your paper profit should be very high
    perhaps $5k to $10k per lot

    I see that the support level @ 890 is very strong as it has been tested many times.
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  5. Here4money


    Long lithium here. Unfortunately, it seems like the fuel cell is dead, another big player in Platinum.
  6. yabz


    I'm a long term trend trader. I thought that the trend had turned when it broke through 964, and went long, but I was mistaken unfortunately:( I shorted @ 921.
  7. maxinger


    OK. this is how I analyse.
    Different people have differentt way of analysing.
    I am sure you have your own way of analysing.

    Look at very big picture.
    Price went up significantly in 2001. definitely demand was soo much stronger than supply.
    In 2008, price plunged for whatever reasons.

    Now look at big picture.
    price is consolidating (or you can call that ranging) between 1040 and 890.
    When price is ranging, market could be quite choopy/jerky.

    Now let's zoom in further.
    Price started to go down starting 8 Sept 17 at around 1016.
    Of course it is impossible to catch the top.
    Since the price has dropped quite alot, the opportunity is getting smaller.
  8. yabz


    Closing my short position. Made a 14% profit.
  9. yabz


    Prices have risen 4.4% since 12th so it was lucky I covered that short.

    However the overall trend is still down so I've shorted again....