Platinum price - unjustified?

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  1. jasonjm


    man, thats one extreme move....

    eventually those mines in south africa will be at 100% output (and I would say sooner rather than later, the political cost of people losing their jobs is too high, they can rather have no power at home)

    is the price of platinum really justified at these levels?

    I'm going to wait for a double top on the dailys, whereever that may be, 2200 or 3000 (the higher the better)
  2. Oh yeah, every time I even begin to think about possible shorting it, it takes off even higher. This can't be rational...
  3. RL8093


    ... & since when do any of the mkts have to be rational? :eek:

    Famous last words - It can't go any higher (or lower) from here ....

  4. jasonjm


    please note I am making NO claim that this is the top, I am just wondering if these prices are really justified.
  5. Shagi


    If thats what the ticker says - rationality or some other prognosis is not necessary- as a trader your primary concern should be how make money on parabolic price movements.
  6. Take a look a 10year chart of rhodium.

  7. jasonjm


    wow rhodium is a rollercoaster extraordinaire
  8. Ok. Long Strangles on SWC. Its Gotta do something - I just have no idea what. Diagonal with longer duration on the puts.

    This market makes no sense.
  9. plax


    Problem is you can't build powerstations in a couple of weeks, this will take time.

    I was speaking to a friend in South Africa last week who was saying the unannounced blackouts where causing mayhem like people under anesthetic at the dentist and all of a sudden no power to continue the procedure etc.

    Since the government started announcing when the power cuts will be and where, people are using the opportunity while the power is off to steal power cable and copper wiring from the electrical network to sell as scrap, this is what you are up against, I wouldn't be in to much of a hurry to short Platinium with the shortfall that already exists.
  10. Sulu268


    People trade Rhodium? What kind of fills do you get in that market?
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