Platinum Plus Trading?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by im2ill, Mar 28, 2007.

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    Anyone have any information on Platinum Plus Trading? I just had an interview with them. They are located downtown? Their deal sound really interesting, but I don't know much about them. Any info would be great.
  2. They sound like a strip club..:p
  3. Hey Im2ill...I just signed up with them and am going to start on April 23. There deal is amazing. I am trading their money and I have no risk and their commissions are 1/100 of a penny per share witch is 10 cents per 1,000 shares. They can't be making any money on the commissions, I guess the only way they make money is if I make money.
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    You would think if someone was going to be a shill, they would at least talk the time to get the grammar right.:(
  5. OK... I will "Talk the time" to get the grammer right next time. By the way, you figured me out..I am the owner of the company. Thats why I'm sitting here trying to get u pikers to join. Like I really give a sh*t
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    You registered the day before your first post.

    Probably about the time you wrote the first comment.

    you waited almost exactly 24 hours. couldn't wait the last 15 minutes?

    You aren't even a trader!!! You said yourself you are starting on the 23 of APRIL!!!!

    I would never work for a company that couldn't disguise there spam better than that.

    Nobody raves about a company that they haven't started working for yet.

    And finally, you obviously give a shit otherwise you wouldn't have responded to me!!!

    P.S. I'm actually trading that is why my grammar is bad. You are sitting on your ass and you still can't get it right!!
  7. Any chance you'd be willing to elaborate on the deal that they are offering? Payout, fees, etc...?

    Whether this thread is littered with spam or not, 1/100 of a cent per share, as one poster advertised, is virtually commission free trading. Surely, there must be a minimum charge, otherwise these guys will be wiped out if the market goes against them. Am I wrong in this assumption?
  8. at those rates....why bother charging? is a dime really worth it?
  9. Claering costs + software maintenance.
  10. They're either executing a ton of high volume trades or they have no software to speak of. General overhead cannot be covered with 1/100 of a cent per share commission. The poster who advertised this rate is either mistaken or full of sh*t.

    Of course, it could be true. But if it is, you can expect a desk fee that rivals a Manhattan mortgage -- and a little more if you require an internet connection.
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